The Interactive Session for the parents of class XII A was held on 31 Jul 17 at 0830h to 1000h in conference room. About 34 parents out of 39 attended the session.

The class teacher Mrs. Kusum Sharma along with subject teacher Mrs. Balbir Jutla and Poonam Rawal were personal.

Following points were discussed in interactive session :

1. To practice discipline in school
2. Proper uniform and hair cut
3. Subject wise curriculum
4. High moral values among children by parents was the focus of information
5. A personal mobile should never be given
6. Curtail their pocket money.
7. Minimum 75% attendance is required
8. Also advised to keep an eye on all activities of their children.

After that teachers met with the parent of each & student separately and discussed about their academic performance and behavior. The session was open to parents to ask any queries on academics. The teachers also advised them to visit school regularly on last working days for the betterment of students.

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