Grand Parent’s Day






We believe that Grandparents are the pillars of every family and the children imbibe their values and are motivated by them. The students of primary school celebrated Grandparents Day on 1oct.2013 to make their grandparents feel special and wanted.

The big day began with a warm welcome given to the grand parents followed by a variety of entertainment programme prepared by our little angels. Tiny tots in their colorful attires were all excited to perform the “Ball-room dance” before their grandparents. They tapped their feet to the music and danced to various tunes .The students’ recited poems and a game “passing the parcel” was organized for the grand parents in which they participated whole- heartedly. The little ones enacted a drama that unfolded their unconditional love for their grandparents. The grand finale was a folk dance of Rajasthan presented by the energetic girls of the primary wing.

The grandparents were overwhelmed and they thanked the school for the wonderful programme put up by the children. They added that their grandchildren were in the right hands.