From the desk of the Principal

I took over as the principal of the school, in July 2013. It is a daunting endeavor, and has had me wondering how best to nudge our school into the company of the top schools in Delhi.

I believe that we have to help students into the habit of success, through support and encouragement in academics and otherwise. We are in the business of nurturing strong, confident individuals who will be able to make the right choices in all situations in life.

It is important that they hone the values which will stand them in good stead in the real world as well.

The contribution of parents too plays a very important role in achieving this. The task is not easy, but we can work together to cultivate the maturity and self-reliance that we wish to see in our children.

“There is absolutely no substitute for hard work” and devotion to duty. So we at AFSSS strive to achieve our best by toiling hard every new day that comes our way. The management is working tirelessly towards providing better infrastructure, facilities like good furniture, computers, new labs, better sporting equipments and other such requirements of a school.

With improved infrastructure, our children will be motivated to apply themselves more to the task of growing and achieving. Enhanced knowledge will lead to building confident human beings.

Above all, our priority is to provide quality education, which we shall continue to do to the best of our abilities. It is my strong belief that our children have unlimited potential, and we at the school will strive to give them every opportunity to realize this potential.

God Bless.