School Cabinet Election Session 2016-17


School Cabinet Election was held on 22 Jan. 16

The Election was held for the following Posts:

1. Head Boy, Head Girl, Cultural Secretary Sports Captain.
2. Vice Head Boy, Vice Head Girl, Vice Cultural Secretary & Sports Vice Captain

  • Secret Ballot Method was followed for the Election
  • Around 600 students from classes 8th to 11th participated in the election
  • Students took part very enthustically and actively in the election

Election’s Result was declared on 30 Jan 16 by Mrs. Kavita Menon, Vice Principal in the school assembly. She congratulated the elected cabinet members and told them to put in their best for the coming session 2016 – 17.

Following students got elected for the post of Head:

Head Boy XII B

G Karthik (XI B)
Head Boy

Head Girl XII A

Umama Asif (XI A)
Head Girl

Cultural Secretary XII C

Mohammed Hassan(XI C)
Cultural Secretary

Sports Captain XII A

Tanya Rana (XI A)
Sports Captain


For following students got elected to the vice posts-

Vice Head Boy X B

Md Nasir (X B)
Vice Head Boy

Vice Head Girl X A

Neha Bisht (X A)
Vice Head Girl

Vice Cultural Secretary X B

Muskan Nagpal (X B)
Vice Cultural Secretary

Sport Vice Captain X B

Pawan Basor (X B)
Sports Vice Captain

Election Procedure took almost one month. It was successfully done by Social Science Department. It was a good learning Experience for the students as well as the teachers.