The Government of India have launched ‘SWACHHA BHARAT MISSION’ to achieve total sanitation and cleanliness by the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in 2019.

“SWACHHTA PAKHWADA” was started in April 2016 with the objective of bringing a fortnight of intense focus on the issues and practices of SWACHHTA by the Government of India.

As per the directions received, various initiatives were taken up during the fortnight between 01 Dec to 15 Dec 17

A special assembly was held on 14 Dec 17 to reiterate cleanliness and its importance in day to day life. The Principal, Staff and the students took a pledge to keep the school and environment clean. A special talk was given by Mrs. J. Anand to sensitize the students not to eat Gutka/Tabacco/Pan inside the camp area and spit on the road /open places. On the same day the students took a cleanliness drive. They cleaned their classes and the surrounding areas.

The other activities conducted in AFSSS were –

1)       Hindi story writing competition

2)       English Essay writing competition

3)       Slogan writing competition

4)       Display of Banner with inspirational message on ‘SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN’.

5)       English talk on the importance of cleanliness.

Result of the various competition were as follows:

Hindi story writing competition:

1)      I Position  -        Purnima                    VII A

2)      II Position -        Disha                                     VII C

3)      III Position -       Chahek                      VII A

English Essay writing competition

1)      I Position  -        Tushar Sharma            X B

2)      II Position -        Pushkar Sharma          IX A

3)      III Position -       Deepshika                   X A

A talk on the topic “HOW CAN SWACHHA BHARAT ABHIYAN BE MADE A SUCCESS” was organized for class 11th students.

The names of the best three students are as follows:

1)      I Position  -        Payal                                                 XI C

2)      II Position -        Shobhit                                  XI C

3)      III Position -       Himani Manchanda              XI C

Results of Slogan writing competition

1)      I Position  -        Vidhi Shankar                        XI  A

2)      II Position -        Ipsita                                     VII A

3)      III Position -       Poornima                              VII A

Consolation Prize  – Satyapriya                            VII A

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