25 Mar 2015

air jordan spizike black cactus violet fat feet and total shoe confusion

Does anyone else have a LO with fat feet? air jordan spizike black cactus violet I can’t seem to find shoes that fit DD comfortably. What are you all doing for shoes? I’m afraid I may have to go to Stride Rite and buy some wide width shoes, but the thought of spending $40+ on baby shoes makes me a little sick to my stomach. She needs some good casual shoes and some new dress shoes. Aside from the fit issue, I’m just really confused on this whole shoe thing in general. Are you all doing sandals for the summer? What about thongs (seems like those would be uncomfortable for her!?) Will your LO were socks with sandals? What goes with what outfits? When do they wear aOlernKienOP air jordan 3 powder blue dark powder blue black wolf grey white Season 1 socks, tights, no socks? many different styles/colors does she need to coordinate with different clothes? etc. That being said, they were GREAT. I suggest that you at least go into the store for a proper fitting, even if you don’t buy there in the end (they really know baby/toddler feet, at least at my local store). DS has wide feet, so I think we were in a similar boat as you. We ended up getting a pair of sneakers there that were brown coordinated with most of aOlernKienOP air jordan 1 ko high qs black varsity red white How to Tie your shoes with his outfits. I personally would skip the dress shoes, unless you have an event to attend. DS just outgrew the Stride Rites, so we went to Target and bought a pair of Circo brand that were a little bit large on him they are just fine. Once the hot weather hits, I would like to do sandals, just b/c his feet get so hot. I aOlernKienOP air jordan 3 powder blue dark powder blue black wolf grey white Colorful ra would rather skip socks, but his daycare might require them I’ll have to check. Good luck!

Thanks, rapideye76! I’ll take a look at the site today. I think you’re right about Stride Rite. I may not purchase there, but I think I’m going to take DD in for a fitting at least. Being practically aOlernKienOP air jordan 3lab5 black metallic silver Top 50 NHLers for 2013 minded as well, I don’t want to buy too many different pairs of shoes, but I need to find a couple of pairs that will meet all her needs. We do need some dress shoes for church and such. I’m hoping I can get by with a pair of everyday sneakers, a pair of dress shoes, and maybe a pair of sandals. Wide width is definitely a requirement, though. If I go up nenough sizes to fit around her feet, they are so long that she trips over aOlernKienOP air jordan 17 low white lightning Top 7 Tips To Relieve Heel Pain them. Anyone know anywhere air jordan 6 rings laser white black else to buy wide air jordan 4 19 countdown package toddler shoes?

if the feet are that wide I would say striderite or pediped.

Thanks, Kim! I’ll look into Pediped. I had actually printed the sizing chart off off Stride Rite’s website and tried to do it, but DD did not want to cooperate and stand on the paper. LOL I think I need professional help! I got some measurements (after some kicking and screaming on her part), but when I put them in the site, it said that a size didn’t exist for her measurements! I really hope I just did it wrong! I did find a pair of sneakers in a wide width for her from Zappos yesterday. They were on sale for $24, and with free shipping both ways, I figure I can send them back if they don’t fit. I think we may aOlernKienOP air jordan 3lab5 black metallic silver Complete Guide to Horse air jordan 11 legend blue white black legend blue make the trip to Stride Rite this weekend anyway for a true aOlernKienOP air jordan 5 retro tropical teal 2013 How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks for F fitting, though. I love shoes, and never thought I’d have this problem! I was so excited to aOlernKienOP air jordan 11 retro low infrared 23 Wholesale Nike Air Jordan Shoes be able to buy adorable baby shoes. I’m so bummed that the cute one’s are so expensive and/or don’t fit.

I went to Stride Rite when DS just turned 1 and he was sized at 5 1/2 extra wide. so he’s got some wide feet!! I found a pair of brown sneakers there for $25 (they usually have some good sales going on and I told the woman aOlernKienOP air jordan 14 retro white red How Walking Can Make You Lose Weight there I only wanted something on sale! she was very helpful). He’s just grown out of them and I air jordan xx3 black red white couldn’t air jordan 4 iv retro pure money white metallic silver find anything I liked this time. They were the first site I found with extra wide widths. I bought him a size 7 air jordan 3 retro wolf grey XW so he had some room to grow and I really love them. They’re a little big right now, but he walks great in them. Warning, pick the NO SQUEAK option!! haha. I did not pay attention to this when I ordered them (I bought them off Amazon, and wasn’t given the option). They sound like he’s walking on dog toys, squeak with every step! Friggen adorable, for about Air Jordan 10s 20 seconds. I’m going to disable the squeaker and then I think they’ll be great. As for summer, I will get him some sandals, no socks. Just something to protect his feet outside. Stepmom to Brianne (14) Tyler (12)

“You may say I’m a dreamer”

My Stride Rite store (we’re lucky here to have an outlet as well as a regular store) has been invaluable in fitting my son’s feet for shoes. They do have sales and I keep an eye out for air jordan xx3 white black red that, but they’ve really educated me a lot, and their shoes air jordan 8 viii retro ls lifestyle are durable and fit great. Expensive but I can see why.

I like the velcro strap on sandals for my son, because as his foot grows, the shoes grow with him, thereby extending the time he can wear them, and they are a little more forgiving on chubby wide feet.

If you have mom to mom or seasonal consignment sales in aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 2s Prince William County News your area, they are a great way to save some money. I have bought many a pair of new and barely used Stride Rites (as well asother high dollar brands)at those sales.

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