25 Mar 2015

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Last night on the 6 ABC 11 o’clock news aired a special report on a new shoe of the month club, Kim Kardashian’s ShoeDazzle. Yes, I said shoe of the month! Similar to the more traditional "of the month" clubs, you become a member and are charged a $39.95 monthly fee to receive your shoe of the month. As an avid believer in monthly shoe purchasing, I decided to sign up and give it a try.

The best feature of ShoeDazzle has got to be the personal styling that is provided by various well known celebrity stylists. When you first sign up you are given a short survey about your own style and taste, then the army of stylists put together your own personal showroom that includes 5 pairs of shoes. If you don’t find anything in your showroom that you want to choose as your item of the month, you can request a new showroom to be made available to you.

Another plus is the option to skip a month. If you are short on cash, or you simply don’t want to buy any shoes (not very likely) you can choose to opt out and will not be charged the monthly fee of $39.95. The catch is that you need to opt out by the 5th of the month or you will be charged the fee. If you don’t pick a shoe of the month and are charged the fee, you will have a credit for a pair when you get around to choosing one.

And shipping is FREE, even return shipping. If you don’t want to keep a pair you have chosen just pack them up and use the return shipping label that is included with each purchase.

New members receive 50% off discount for your first purchase, so my 1st pair only cost me $19.98. But as long.

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