24 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Spizike sleeping with her 9

As a single, working mother, Nia Long prides herself on being a hands on mom to her 9 year old son Massai.

“It is a nonstop thing and I’m very hands on. I certainly don’t want anyone else raising my child, so if you get the domestic stuff out of the way, and the business stuff out of the way, then you have mommy time.”

The actress, who will soon be seen in Chris Rock new documentary Good Hair, reveals that Massai and she still co sleep, saying, “Well my son still sleeps in bed with me and I love it. now and then I get a foot in my neck or an elbow in my back. aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 5s What to Shop For But you know when the whole day goes by and he’s busy being a boy and I can’t kiss him goodbye on the first day of school cause [his girlfriend] Ella’s watching. That’s my time. And we snuggle and it aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 6 Rings wearable devices unveiled at Apple show the best. never co slept with my daughter so I definitely not an expert on the subject, but I can imagine sharing a bed with a 9 year old.

What do you think? Does there come a time when kids get too old to co sleep, or should the decision to stop be left up to them?

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We didn do the co sleeping thing either. Dh and I are both people who need our own space aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 23s Learning the Softball Hitting Skill to stretch and move around when we sleep, and we were nervous about harming the baby so we didn ever aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 10s Looking After Your Football Shoes have DS in bed with us except when one of us was awake. And even then, only for the first month.

I don mean to come across as judgmental, but 9 is really too old to be co sleeping. I get what Nia is saying about spending quality time with her child, but I can only imagine that Air Jordan Spizike now that this information is out to the public he may face some ridicule at school from his peers. Does anyone else think this could be a possibility?

I think co sleeping on a regular basis for a 9 y/o is a bit much. I can understand taking naps together or comforting them from nightmares here and there or if they are upset about something is nice, but on a reg. basis past age 3 I think it a tad silly. It is really different for all kids (I am hoping our son expected in Nov will only stay in our room for 6 months or so but we shall see), but I think you need to make them feel safe enough to have their own space. sometimes that is age 6 months, sometimes it 2 or 3 years 9? Too long IMO.

I think the key quote in that article is I love it This is not about her son, it about her needs and wants (nothing sexual of Air Jordan Fusion 5 course). Babies are just as happy and healthy sleeping in their owns beds. My son did spend a few nights with us when he was very little, simply for survival we couldn stay awake any longer, so we put him in bed with us and eventually fall asleep. But now after he was about 6 or 7 months old, he refused to fall asleep with us. He wants to be in his own bed. Children (AND ADULTS) need their own place to Jordan Retro 8 relax and go to sleep. I just don understand how a married couple can have a normal relationship with a toddler or older child sleeping with them every night. I don buy the child is a sound sleeper line. It just doesn make sense to me at all.

For me nine is too old but I don think it terrible for some one else to do it. I know moms who slept with their own moms until they were teens and now their own kids are doing the same. I believe they all seem to have pretty normal, healthy relationships. My oldest slept with us until the second came along and now that the third one is here we working on getting that one out. Husband says there is a one child minimum. I really wanted the first two to stay in our bed Air Jordan Women Size but that eventually got old and at the end of the day I needed my space. Now, I really aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 10s The Ed Hardy Collection want everyone in their own beds so that I can stretch out.

I loved co sleeping with my daughter (still do on occasion, she 3) and will do it again for this new baby boy. I think it really about the preference of the child and the parents. Say, if the child wants to and the parents are okay with it. If the 9 year old wants to sleep with mom, then go for it. My kid would love to still be in my bed, but with the new baby coming we need to set some boundaries for safety sake.

Kids aren going to want to sleep with aOlernKienOP Nike LeBron 11 What can I do about my child’s stinky feet their parents forever. They eventually want some privacy and act more grown up. A 9 year old should probably have fit into that category by now, but not all children are the same. To each they own.

Co sleeping, at any Air Jordan 4s age, is appropriate if it doesn come between a marital relationship becasue that effects the whole family as well. She indicates she is single and does not have one. Here in the US, we should take a look at these customs/habits worldwide, and really measure how it effects children, positively or negatively. This custom is acceptable in many other countries. It here in America that we want to judge the the older kid as a because they like the comfort of having someone sleep next to them. Don we as adults like to have the warmth of sharing a bed with another we all babies? Of course not. We want to starve them until they eat, let them cry it out, and sleep alone mainly because it is satisfying and easy for the adult parent.

My babies (all 3 of them) have co slept with my husband and I until they were about 18 months. My dd (now 6) asked for a big girl bed for her 2nd birthday and my son (now 4) wanted to sleep in his sis room at 18mos, so thats when we stopped co sleeping full time. 3 is still with us in our bed but he only 15 months. The 2 older kids both come into our bed a few times a month or they fall asleep togther in one of their beds reading stories. We love having our realtionships this way. I think, To each your own, and whatever works for you family, is the right thing!

We live in Japan where they co sleep with their kids pretty much forever not really but a long time. Our neighbors have a 13 year old boy and 11 year old girl and they still sleep with their parents. It is a little different because they all sleep on futons (mats) on the floor and not an actual bed next to each other but they still sleep together in the same room. They are shocked when they find out that our 3 year old and 7 year old sleep by themselves. They think we are cruel. They tell us there is no way their kids would sleep by themselves as they would get too scared. So, it is all viewed differently around the world as to what is and what is excepted. Side note: We are for co sleeping as our oldest slept with us until she was 4 and our next child slept with us until she was 2. We currently have a 6 month old still co sleeping with us. Personally, think there is a time to eventually move the kids out but 22 brought about a very good point about what is accepted and viewed by other cultures. Americans have a very mixed opinion on co Air Jordan 15s sleeping while other countries completely favor it.

I can remember sleeping with my mom most nights until i was about 12. My dad worked nights and i just got used to sleeping in her bed on nights he be at work and the rest of the time in my own bed. It never bugged me, i just outgrew it. I was aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 13s Top scout will run draft show the youngest of 5 siblings in the house, so i enjoyed getting to lay in bed and talk to my mom until i went to sleep. Not sure I do that with my son though. He will sleep in a bassinet since my husband is big and sometimes doesn realize he rolled over onto me, let alone a baby.

I am a huge advocate of co sleeping, and believe that there is no right or wrong answer as to how long you sleep with a child. If you feeling cramped, like you not sleeping as well as you could be, or feelings of guilt over having your child in aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 7s The things we miss while pregnant bed Jordan 8 Retro with you, you may want to stop doing it. If you not feeling these ways, why would it be too Air Jordan 19s late, or your child be too old?

Co sleeping is a phenomenal way to bond that most North Americans now miss out on. Your decisions about your child are yours and no one elses. You know your child. And your child will give you cues as to when he/she is ready to sleep alone.

There are as many factors in this decision as their are individuals in the world.

For the record, though, my daughter started sleeping alone when she was one and a half. Mostly because she was getting too big to comfortably share with my unhusband and myself, and we started to miss the bond of holding one another and having that alone time at night.

For us, that worked perfectly. She didn fuss about it either.

This is such a lame attempt at aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 17s Increase Your Height With Elevator Shoes shock value so that naysayers of co sleeping can continue their finger wagging Air Jordan 16s and the old never get out of your bed! Please. We in the US are so hyper sensitive to ensuring independence as early as possible that so often sleeping arrangements are made not based on what the kid actually needs, but on what OTHERS will think! As a co sleeping mom of a toddler, who co slept with my parents until age 2, and knowing many other co sleeping kids, it most typical for kids to transition to their own beds of their own free will between 2 3 years old. However, I think Nia is very wise to know her child, and that he still has a need for comfort that hasn been fully met. He already missing so much in his life, he needs to be dependant in this one area a little longer, and she is so smart not only to recognize that, but to accept it with loving compassion.

My son is 6 years old today and is sleeping in my bed right now. My son sleeps in my bed about half of the time and in his own bed half of the time. He decides where he wants to sleep each night, and I support whatever decision he makes. He is fairly independent in other aspects of his life, but he really enjoys snuggling at night. I figure he decide to stop when he ready. I don imagine he still be wanting to snuggle at night as an adult, so what the harm in letting my child sleep where he most comfortable? I am a single mom, so it not like it disrupting an adult relationship. There nothing sexual about the situation, so what the big deal?!

I know I be pretty unpopular for saying this but my house, the relationship between my husband is top priority. (I not saying if we were starving my DH and I would share the last crumb, I talking about our relationship, so calm down.) Before kids or work or church or friends us. Period. If we don have a strong partnership, how can we work as a team to raise our children? We want to teach them how to treat their future spouses and working together is hard if you litterally have something between you! Having that time and special place to be husband and wife is SO Jordan Winterized 6 Rings CRITICAL. I understand having a baby in the bed, or a child with a bad dream but 9 is too old!

My daughter is 6yrs she has slept in my bed since birth. I worked fulltime and had to get her to daycare at 6:30 am and didn see her till 6:30 pm. Most of the time she would just fall asleep when I picked her up so I would even get to talk to her.

I love cosleeping because sometimes she will talk to me for an hour or longer, it amazing what kids say when they are tired. My son slept with me till he was 10 they know when they are ready to move on. I have not yet to hear of a teenager. Its important for little boys and girls not to be smothered by thier mothers, so that they can mature properly and find themselves as growing human beings . After the age of 5 or 6 allowing your child to sleep in bed with you is making the transformation of being a baby to actually growing up that much harder. And Im sorry not being able to spend enough time with your kids is not an excuse for making them your animal at night. It sounds to me like a very selfish idea. Kids already have enough changes going on in thier world. The longer parents allow their child to sleep in bed with them ,the harder it will be to break the habit. Surely, you co sleeping activists won be doing this when your child hits puberty.

I know that I couldn sleep with my 9 yr old just cause I need my own space, but I have learned that people are different. My 8 yr old son loves to sleep next to someone. He prefer to sleep on the couch (when people are in the living room), with aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 12s 7 cool tech toys for kids his aunt, grandma, brother, basically anyone that he loves. My 6 yr old son needs his space cause he likes it and cause he moves around a bunch while he sleeps.

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