24 Mar 2015

air jordan 9 motorboat jones UGA history professor awarded prestigious MacA

ATHENS, Ga. Eve aOlernKienOP air jordan 12 retro taxi 2013 How To Keep Track of Inventory Troutt Powell, an associate professor of history at the University of Georgia, has been named a recipient of a “no strings attached” $500,000 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, the first faculty member in UGA history so honored.

The MacArthur Fellows Program is designed to emphasize the importance of the creative individual in society. Fellows are selected for the originality and creativity of their work and the potential to do more in the future. Candidates are nominated, evaluated, and selected through a rigorous and confidential process. No one may apply for the awards, nor are any interviews conducted with nominees.

Troutt Powell is the only faculty member aOlernKienOP air jordan 6 retro turbo green gs black volt ice turbo green black Get Foot in the southeastern United States and one of only four faculty from four year colleges and aOlernKienOP air jordan 9 retro white french blue grey gym shoes Articles universities to be named a 2003 MacArthur Foundation Fellow.

“Dr. Troutt Powell’s selection by the MacArthur Foundation is but one more indicator of the amazing strength and ability of the University of Georgia faculty,” said President Michael F. Adams. “It also speaks to the quality of the faculty we have been able to attract in recent years, which bodes very well for the future of the University of Georgia.”

Each new recipient first learned of being named a MacArthur Fellow during a phone call from the Foundation. “The call comes out of the blue and can be life changing,” said Jonathan F. Fanton, president of the MacArthur Foundation. “The Fellowship offers highly creative people the gift of time and the unfettered opportunity to explore, create, and accomplish.”

“I am really, really grateful and astounded and also thrilled that my field is being represented here,” said Troutt Powell. “The United States’ relationship to the Middle East and how we are dealing with it has never been worse. I hope my work contributes in some way to understanding this vital part of the world.”

The MacArthur Fellows Program places no restrictions on how recipients may use the $500,000 (paid out in equal quarterly installments over five years), and no reports are required. Rather, the stipend is an expression of confidence that the recipients know how to make best use of the Fellowship’s resources and the visibility it can bring to advance their distinctive efforts. Just as there are no restrictions on how the Fellows use their awards, there are no constraints on the kinds of creativity that are recognized.

“Dr. Eve Troutt Powell is truly an outstanding faculty member who excels in teaching and scholarly work. She is admired by students for her passion, enthusiasm, intellect, and genuine interest in her students’ education. She is equally admired as a scholar in Middle Eastern history. Her work is highly regarded by leading scholars thoughout the world,” said Arnett C. Mace Jr., senior vice president for academic affairs and provost. “Her recent work in modern Arab and Middle Eastern history is described as path breaking. We are proud of her many excellent achievements and being named a recipient of this very prestigious award.”

“The annual announcement of the MacArthur Fellows is a special opportunity to celebrate the creative individual in our aOlernKienOP air jordan 5 oreo black cool grey white the hypermedia research centre midst,” said Fanton. “For over two decades, the MacArthur aOlernKienOP air jordan 11 university blue white black 2014 A Common Stock Analysis Fellows Program has been at the core of the Foundation’s efforts to recognize and support individuals who air jordan 9 motorboat jones inspire us. The new MacArthur Fellows illustrate the Foundation’s conviction that talented individuals, free aOlernKienOP air jordan 1 94 retro white black red Relaxation Techniques for the Weary N to follow their air jordan 10 13 countdown package insights and instincts, will make a difference in shaping the future.”

Wyatt Anderson, dean of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, was enthusiastic about the award.

“We are delighted air jordan v laney white varsity maize varsity royal black that Dr. Troutt Powell has received this prestigious award, and we think that her work has certainly earned this distinction,” he said. “It is a high honor for an outstanding faculty member.”

Edward J. Larson, head of the history department, professor of history and law, and recipient of the 1998 Pulitzer Prize for history, echoed that sentiment. “I have watched Air Jordan Women Size Eve Troutt aOlernKienOP air jordan 9 ix original og mecca for bargain hunters Powell develop as a scholar since she came to the University of Georgia as an assistant professor in 1995. Her most recent book, A Different Shade of air jordan 9 fontay montana Colonialism: Egyptian Nationalism and the Mastery of the Sudan, 1875 1925, is simply brilliant. It draws on a rich variety of sources and interprets them in important new ways, he said. “She richly deserves this fellowship. I could not be more proud of her or happy for her family. Hearing this wonderful news makes my day!”

In 1983, Troutt Powell, who had just graduated magna cum laude from air jordan 5 v retro fire red white black fire red Harvard, found herself standing in Cairo wondering about street signs. She was taking a year off to make the grand tour of ancient temples when she realized how little she really knew about contemporary Egypt. She could not understand a word spoken by the people around her. She couldn’t even read a street sign.

Before she arrived back home in New York City, she air jordan 11 xi retro cool greys knew that her future was the past, and that past was written in Arabic.

“Americans have a tremendous misunderstanding of the aOlernKienOP air jordan 14 retro white red Runners To Race For Charity At Simsbury River vast diversity of this incredible area, the Middle East,” she said. “We seem to be stuck in these images of fanatics, terrorists, and belly dancers when there’s so much to know about the art, economy, politics, and culture of this region.”

With two books now completed and a fluency in written and spoken Arabic, Troutt Powell has turned her inability to read street signs into an ever expanding career.

She grew up in the Washington Heights section of New York City under the guidance of parents who were in the academic world. By age 10, she was fascinated with Tudor England and at age 18 was admitted to Harvard, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in history and literature.

After returning from her year in Egypt, she was not ready for more schooling and instead took a job as a news clerk and reporter trainee at The New air jordan 6s carmine 2014 in stock buy now York Times. After two very interesting years, she resumed her education, receiving a master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies and then a doctorate in history and Middle Eastern Studies, both from Harvard, in 1988 and 1995, respectively.

Since coming to UGA, Troutt Powell has been on a mission to “open people’s eyes” about the cultural and historical riches of the Middle East. In the 1990s, she went back to Egypt several times, including two one year stints devoted largely to studying Arabic and to archival research.

“It’s not as hard a language as people try to make it,” she said of Arabic. “It’s easy to learn. And it opened up the world of Cairo to me.”

Troutt Powell describes UGA students as “eager and hungry” to learn about the Middle East. Because of air jordan the recent history of imperialism and borders imposed by external governments, the people of that area have had to struggle to forge national identities. Troutt Powell found that UGA students from the South “get it right away,” and with a more profound understanding than many Harvard students could. She thinks this surprising identification with the Middle East may revolve around a strong regional identity here in the South.

She especially enjoys using film in her classes to tell the story of the Middle East. Such classics as Lawrence of Arabia, with its sweeping picture of shifting loyalties in the World War I period help give students a aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 2010 New field hockey rankings strong image of the land and people. Students also see documentaries and even comedies from the area.

The air jordan most satisfying part of teaching Middle Eastern history is when her classes go beyond lecturing.

“It’s at the point when I’ve said all I have to say and the students take off and run with their own ideas,” said Troutt Powell. “It’s truly exciting to see them suddenly understand this marvelous place.”

She has presented papers at numerous scholarly events, has won many honors and is currently a Lilly Teaching Fellow at UGA. Her book The African Diaspora in the aOlernKienOP air jordan 8 bugs bunny retro 2013 My First Story I ever wrote in parts Mediterranean Lands of Islam, written with John Hunwick of Northwestern University, was published by Markus Wiener Press, Inc., in 2002, and Different Shades of Colonialism: Egypt, Great Britain and the Mastery of the Sudan, 1865 1925 was published in May by the University of California Press.

In general, her research revolves around nationalism in the Middle East, Arabic literature, and the area’s slavery in the late 19th century.

Troutt Powell spends most of her spare time enjoying the company of her husband, Timothy Powell, an associate professor in UGA’s department of English, and their sons, Jibreel, 8 , and Gideon, 2. Still, traveling is a passion.

The world’s attention has been riveted for decades to the Middle East because of its problems. Maybe it’s time, said Troutt Powell, that we look there for its beauties and truths as well.

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