24 Mar 2015

air jordan 17 low white lightning How to Make flying shoes

How to Make flying shoes! Or at least, shoes with wings

Have you seen the Addidas JS Wings kicks? They are sick, done in gold sheen with removable wings attached to make you look a little more like Mercury. If you don’t have $175 dollars to drop on these kicks, this video from Threadbangers will teach you how to make your own pair of shoe wings at home out of simple materials, giving you all the style air jordan 17 low white lightning of the real deal without giving up a two days Air Jordan 10 311832 162 pay.

Every girl knows that fashionable shoes are a must for any outfit. Learn how to draw platform shoes in fashion design with this free video series Air Jordan 10 318376 041 from a fashion design graduate student.

Part 1 of 9 How to Draw platform shoe fashion designs.

Draw platform shoe fashion designs Part 2 of 9.

This video teaches how to increase the surface area of the support under air jordan your tripod by using snow shoes. You can get snow shoes from various manufacturers. The bottom of the snow shoe has a very wide surface area. You can compare this with the width of the tripod base. The snow shoe makes Air Jordan 10 646701 413 nike kobe 9 em game royal 2014 the tripod more stable on the ground when you are using it on mud or snow or on sand. The snow shoe stops your tripod from sinking into the ground. On top of the snow shoe, you have a little rubber strap and a clamp like provision using which you can fit the leg of your tripod with the snow shoe. If you.

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