24 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 12s History of Reef Sandals

Reef SandalsThroughout history sandals have been worn on the feet of humanity. At least well before recorded or written history Archeologist have discovered protective coverings for the feet going back 40,000 years.

History books and studies into clothing in the ancient middle east, Persia and Egypt for example show many examples of many different styles of sandals and sandal aOlernKienOP Jordan 5 Retro How to Treat Iliotibial Band Knee Pain type boots. The biblical foes of the Israelite s such as the Assyrians and the Persians all had footwear. The Egyptians and Romans both used thong type sandals and reliable footwear made it possible for their armies to be so successful. In fact the only really effective barefoot army were the Zulus under their warrior king Shaka (Chaka) who trained his armies to run across thorn beds on pain of aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 11s Sumlin points to death.

Sandals, Thongs, flip flops have been around as practical and cheap footwear for as long as humanity has existed. Materials used have ranged from animal skins to rice stalk matting, rope and sisal. The rubber and plastics industries enabled massive expansion and improved utility. A form of cheap rubber and or plastic based thong type flip flop have long been popular Air Jordan 12s but were never a fashion item. In fact the hippies and those wearing socks with the sandals have often been held up Air Jordan 16s to ridicule.

Elegant sandals as created for the ladies fashion industry reversed this in Air Jordan 1s many ways and some of the renowned shoe makers are able to market very expensive high fashion ladies sandals.

But a demand remained for durable and fashionable sandals for the outdoors.

Then aOlernKienOP Nike Air Foamposite One The history of Flat shoes along came Fernando and Santiago Aguerre from the Argentine. They were surfers and opened a surf shop in their own country. The trouble was that the surfing season in Argentina is very short so they relocated to La Jolla which was a beach community near San Diego, California.

Seeing the need they created the Reef Brand in the 1980s. They had very limited resources of just $4,000 but were determined to create something lasting. What they managed to do was aOlernKienOP Nike Air Foamposite One 13th Century Scottish Women create a brand that the Surfer crown love and pretty soon other folk on the beaches took note and were soon buying the product. But despite growing well they reinvested wisely and by 1990 were able to afford to move to San Diego Air Jordan 9s 80,000 square foot factory.

The market too was expanded in range and style. Many of their original products were targeted at surfers and swimmers from the beach These were so successful and looked so good that soon skate boarders started wearing them and fashion sports outlets began carrying their product. Expanding out of Sandals Air Jordan Women Size into other footwear as well as sports clothing, Air Jordan 3s their own brand of Surf boards and other sporting accessories.

By 1998 they started a special set of sandals for women which Air Jordan 5s were very successful. This was followed by expansion in aOlernKienOP Nike Air Foamposite One 12 Weeks From Couch Potato To Triathlete 2002 into a whole logo program which has been immensely successful. An entire aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 20s Victoria Beckham Forced to Wear Flat Shoes range of T shrts and caps as well as other casual fashion such as Hoodies and Beanies have grabbed the young, brand conscious market and made Reef into a huge success story which is still expanding. Their website now has a huge range of men’s clothing as well as a large range of slippers, slip on shoes and sandals for women.

Now sold internationally their products can be Air Jordan 2011 found wherever there are beaches, sunshine, surfers, jet skiers, skateboarders Air Jordan 18s and even outdoors activities like hiking is catered for by the Reef range of products. If one types Reef Sandals into Google on the internet one will find over 7 million results, many of these being merchants selling on the internet, from EBay to Amazon and on line stores by the ton. Reef Sandals are the most popular footwear brand in aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 10s Once a key player on some of Maryland’s great teams of the e the world. They also like to produce some funky products such as their immensely popular flip flops which included a bottle opener.

Also sponsoring some sport events and sportsmen Reef has stuck with its roots and is still hugely active in the Surfing scene. Fernando Aguerre is active in the International surfing association and is doing his best to promote Surfing as an Olympic sport.

Reef Fanning Sandals Reef Fanning Sandals Video

Which Reef Sandals are the best?Which is Your Favorite Reef Sandal? Reef Fanning Reef Ginger aOlernKienOP Air Jordan Future Toronto teen run over Reef Phantoms Reef Smoothy Reef StargazerSee results without voting

My Favorite aOlernKienOP Air Jordan Fusion 4 Love trade to Cavs official Reef Sandals Reef does make the best flip flops!Not only do these sandals keep your feet comfortable all day long while looking good doing it, they open your brew too. I can’t tell you how many times I have forgot to grab a bottle opener and don’t realize until I’m sitting on the beach. I was pretty stoked to find the Reef Fanning sandals for that reason. These sandals dry quickly which is an added bonus there is a molded EVA sole footbed that really does your feet right.

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