23 Mar 2015

KOBE 9 ID bracelet

My son is 2 and recently diagnosed w/ autism. He is basically non verbal, he signs a bit and repeats a few words but he definitely doesn’t say his name or anything like that. Its getting close to summer KOBE 9 time, I have 3 other kids and plan to take all of them to a local water park as well as other places over summer break. I of course do not plan to lose track of DS and I will have my eye very close on him as well as my 5yr. old does wander he can’t identify himself so I think an ID bracelet Air Jordan Spizike would probably be a Nike LeBron 11 good idea. Does anyone else have one for their kiddo? Can anyone recommend one for a kid who is generally a sensory avoider?

I have a medic alert bracelet for DS that I have him wear as an anklet when we’re out. He doesn’t notice it there. I know other parents who have laced the medic alert into shoe laces. It’s mainly for another medical condition, Air Jordan 15s but they also have information about his autism and my and DH’s contact information.

I’m sure you could creatively DIY your own identification bracelet if you don’t want to shell out for the medic alert bracelet. We only do it because we have complex medical information we want communicated to medical staff in the event of an emergency. If you just want contact information, I know that when DS was in daycare, I purchased iron on labels from a website, and maybe you could put your cell phone number Air Jordan 6s on them instead of his name. Just iron them onto the outside of his clothes.

You can do medicalert bracelet or shoetags. Whats nice about medicalert is that there is minimal identification data. The center keeps all the data and police paramedics can call for the information. Medicalert call YOU and tell you what is going on. Also you can keep diagnoses, doctors and meds up to date so if you get in a car accident and you are unconscious, the medical team know about his health history.

Else, you can order medical temporary tatoos online. I guess it is personal but I would think it is undignified to write on my kid with a sharpie.

Separate issue but if you are going somewhere special, snap a picture on your phone of exactly what he is wearing. It will help police find him and help in getting exact descriptions out there.

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