23 Mar 2015

Jordan 2 Retro Stop shoes from squeaking

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limit my search to /r/LifeProTipsuse the following search parameters to narrow your Jordan 2 Retro results:see the search faq for details. If you don we presume you Air Jordan 10s never read the rules, and your post will be subject to removal.

No LPTs about Facebook, Reddit, Bebo, Myspace, Friendster, Geocities, Twitter, or any other social Air Jordan 16s networks.

No medical advice/practicing medicine or hiccup No tips relating to suicide/depression cures. 50 Things Every Man Should Know). Additionally, don post links to long articles.

LPTs that suggest taking Air Jordan 17s illegal action will be removed.

Designate “adult” or non family friendly tips as NSFW.

No product or service recommendations for their intended use.

Referral links are not allowed.

Troll LPTs will be grounds for a ban. Repeated “obvious” Air Jordan 2 LPT will also be grounds for a ban.

Please note: any comments, particularly those with ill intent, made by redditors may be subject to removal and/or may result in a ban as the moderation team deems appropriate.

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