23 Mar 2015

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My LO eats 3x a day, close to or at the same that we do. Morning is a fruit and cereal, lunch is fruit and veggie, dinner is usually meat and a veggie. He only takes a few tbsp of each though and then nurses a bit afterward. Between meals he will also nurse. He does about the same amount bf now that he did before he started solids. Maybe a couple oz less. I just look for his cues when feeding and soon as he shows he’s getting full I stop feeding him and let him down from high chair.

Eta: there are some days when he just wants to nurse and has 0 interest in food whatsoever. There are also some days when no amount of BM seems to satisfy him Til I sit him down and feed him some food.

I say follow your baby’s lead as much as you can. Maybe you can offer a little fruit juice or water after solids and bottles of formula (the same amount as usual) between meals and at night.

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