23 Mar 2015

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Many people suffer from feet problems, one thing that tends to helps are the use of shoe insoles. Insoles help reduce foot problems in athletes and other active people without being too expensive. Learn how to use insoles and stay fit in this sports medicine how to video.

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Mike Vera is an athletic trainer the Roger Clemens Institute at Memorial Hermann Hospital. The Clemens Institute is the largest, most comprehensive medically.

In this video "Crazy" Chris is putting his nose to the test! He will show you a way to trick your nose. He uses two different odors, one that is a bad smell and one that is a good smell. He takes the bad smelling odor and smells it for about 30 seconds. Then, uses the good smelling odor at the same time, and the only thing that he can smell is the good smelling odor. This is because when you smell something for a period of time you adapt to it, therefore after awhile you can no longer smell it. So, when you introduce a new smell to the equation, that is the only thing that you will be able to.

Dean Pflaumer shows you how to choose the correct climbing shoes. Follow these tips to make sure you choose the correct rock climbing shoe: The tighter the shoes are, the better you are going to climb. You will be able to choose between Velcro versus slip ons and lace ups. You need to be clear as to what type of climbing you are going to do, and then choose your shoes accordingly. All climbing shoes are made with a sticky rubber on the sole, while the rest of the shoe design varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The best thing to do is to try on many different styles and sizes to get a.

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