23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 5s and I was in soo much pain I could hardly walk

If the shoe causes your foot to land on the ground differently (like with a stability shoe) than its possible you Air Jordan 5s could just be sore from landing differently in the new shoe.

Does your running store have a return policy? WhereI go, they let you return shoes after weeks of running in them (as long as they aren’t all muddy or anything) so I usually give my new Air Jordan Spizike shoes at least a week of runs before deciding to keep them or not.

I have always run in Nikes. When I was training for my marathon, I went and had a fit test and was told that I, too, pronate badly. They swtiched me to a stability shoe. After my first run, I lost 2 toe nails and my feet and legs hurt so badly, I had to call out of work the next day. I returned those shoes for another brandstabilty shoe. I hurt less, but Iended up losing another toe nail. Returned those for yet a different brand. Same thing. I said screw it, went back to my trusty Nikes, ranthe marathon and have sincerunanother half marathon and several 5Ks with no more lost toe nails or feet/leg pain. My opinion is that Jordan 2 Retro running shoes should feel like walking on a cloud. They should not “have to be broken in”.

I’m wondering if I’m trying to fix something that isn’t broken then. I have been pretty happy with my Nikes aside from Air Jordan 13s some occasional soreness from a huge increase in distance. which probably isn’t the shoe’s fault. They are old and need to be replaced, but maybe I should just stick with the brand/type that I know works.

Am Nike LeBron 11 I going to do damage to my hips and joints if I don’t wear a stabilty shoe and correct the pronating?

I finished up my normal run yesterday evening (2nd in these shoes) and I was in soo much pain I could hardly walk, which isn’t normal. The pain started within a few strides of starting my run.

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