23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 20s it’ll be much more

So now we’re going to cover the shoe box with the tissue paper. In order to do that, we need to take our glue and water it down a bit so that the tissue paper will stick to the shoe box and not tear. It’s a very thin paper. So we Air Jordan 20s pour the glue into the container, and we slowly add just a few tablespoons of water and mix it around. It’s better to start out slow and not add too much water, and you can just see the Air Jordan 23s consistency as you go. It should have like a very runny type of consistency, but you don’t want to the be watered down too much. Now that the glue has been mixed and it’s watered down a bit, we’re going to cover the show box with the glue. This can be done with a paintbrush, or if you’re working with small children, they can use their hands. We’re going to cover the entire surface of the shoe box, and then we’re going to apply the tissue paper. You don’t need a very heavy coat of glue over the shoe box because the tissue paper is very thin and really doesn’t take too much to have it stick to the shoe box. We apply the tissue Air Jordan 18s paper over the using the straight edges to go over the side of Nike KD 7 the shoe box. So that’ll give us, it’ll be much more, a cleaner look to have this straight edges just folded over the side. And then the rest of the body of the shoe box, we can Air Jordan 5s just put in a neat random manor just to cover all the open spaces. But anytime you have a straight edge of paper, you should try and use it for the, to fold over the inside. If there’s not enough glue on the surface you can just take some more and put in on even while the tissue paper is on the box you can even put the glue over the tissue paper. Now we see we covered the shoe box with the green tissue paper. And still has to dry a bit, but we see that’s a fun way of covering the box. Fun for kids. Able to do a lot of cutting a gluing. The tissue paper gives it a nice different shades, and it’s just one way of covering the wagon of decorating it. And of short, you can some up with many different ways, but this is a fun way, and it also looks really nice. We’ve showed you how to cover the wagon with the tissue paper and glue.

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