23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 2011 and his white shirt

How to Paint your shoes

This instructional Air Jordan 2011 video shows you how to be creative and paint your shoes. You will need acrylic paint, paint brushes of different sizes, waterproof permanent markers, and spray lacquer. You should create a base coat with white paint. Draw whichever designs you want with a permanent marker. Next color the design with the acrylic paint. Using one color so your paint doesn’t dry out. Fill in KOBE 9 the background with whichever color you chose. Then spray with a lacquer and you are finished.

Every girl knows that fashionable shoes are a must for any outfit. Learn how to Air Jordan 9 draw platform shoes in fashion design with this free video series from a fashion design graduate student.

Part 1 of 9 Air Jordan Fusion 5 How to Draw platform shoe fashion designs.

Draw platform shoe fashion designs Part 2 of 9.

This simple tutorial teaches you how to create a classic 8 bit Luigi from the Nintendo franchise Super Mario Brothers in the Microsoft paint program. To start, open Paint. Select Image > Attributes and change the image width to 12 pixels and the height to 16 pixels. Use the zoom tool to zoom in 8x and select the paint bucket tool to make the background gray, because a large portion of Luigi is white. Then use the pencil tool (set to 1 pixel) to begin drawing Luigi starting with his black shoes. As you follow the video it will continue upwards filling in his legs with Air Jordan CDP green, and his white shirt.

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