23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 2010 why such a source of rage

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limit my search to /r/malefashionadviceuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. Why does the lol are you on a boat attitude still persist? Chuck Taylors are only a few years older, but I literally never seen someone snark about only wearing them on the basketball court. But it deeper than that, all bound up with frat guys, preppy guys, douchebags, 80s movie villains, I don know. I can think of any other piece of clothing that provokes such an intensely negative reaction (especially from people who would probably otherwise tell you they don know or care about fashion).

Why are boat shoes so loaded with social meaning? Why do you think they have this special level of scorn that goes so far beyond “I don like how those look and I don want to wear them”?

I really interested in hearing from folks that used to feel this way and no longer do (or maybe who still do). For what it worth, though, let try not to turn this into another “What does MFA love that you hate” thread.

Seriously though, I think it the mix of total ubiquity right now with leftover class resentments that went along with them. Their Air Jordan 2010 adoption as a frat boy staple can be linked to the general aura of embracing privilege through weird affectations of nautical life and North Eastern culture in general. Even from weird dudes in the mid west or south who have never looked directly at an ocean. I wouldn worry too much against the backlash though eventually the fickle winds of fashion will blow against the boat shoe and it will become less common and thus less worthy of hatred. Nike KD 7 And then we rule as kings.

But I totally wish it was acceptable to yell at everybody for not living up to their shoes.

“Sneakers?! Where your basketball?!”

“Brogueing? Are you in a bog mother fucker?! Gathering CRANBERRIES or something?!”

“Bluchers?! Are you in some kind Air Jordan 2011 of 18th century Prussian army? Gotta look your best when meeting the Duke of Wellington?!”I never heard that Air Jordan 3s one. We owe the horse a great deal for our fashion they the main reason we wear pants in many cultures, including most of Europe. Otherwise we might still be wearing togas or kilts, so thank your local barbarian warlord when you get the chance. Not to mention the tangential relation horses have to most of our modern shoe types and the OCBD, among others.

The hyper specificity for the invention of certain types of clothes makes it totally outrageous that somebody could be criticized for wearing it out of it literal context. That aside, the reason behind this mindset is essentially what you said: the association of boat shoes with Nike LeBron 11 the preppy look or frat scene (or whatever other scene people associate it with), which is in turn associated with douchiness. Whether or not that valid or not is beside the point; association has a strong effect on how items are viewed. Association is a big part of the reason brands like A and Hollister are detested by a lot of people. Of course people will come up with other reasons certain things are “bad” (like quality or aesthetics), but I would argue that one of the biggest reasons of hate for a certain product(s) is what that person thinks is the target audience or user base of that product.

Some people probably don like to admit it, but seeing people you like or admire using certain products make you more likely to view that product favorably, while seeing people you don like leads to the opposite situation. So whatever preps, frat boys, surf heads, immature teenagers, dads, ibankers, hipsters, nerds, etc, etc wear has an impact on what people like or dislike depending on their personal opinions on those groups. Exceptions exist of course, but association is nevertheless a strong factor.

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