23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 19s do it yourself

Crochet Baby Booties Are More Popular Than EverThese adorable crochet baby shoes have become so popular lately with new parents and I can see Air Jordan 19s why. I’m in a transition in life where my own babies are grown and I’m closer to being a grandmother than becoming pregnant. (heaven forbid, perish the thought)

So it’s quite natural I would be thinking about the next phase of life. Grand babies to spoil. If any of my adult children are reading this I’m sure they are shaking their heads. But I’m ready, even if you’re not.

Baby shoes have always fascinated me. Little tiny socks, shoes, sandals and sneakers for newborns, who can’t even walk is absolutely for decoration only. They do keep their feet and toes warm, but plain white socks would do the same thing.

Knitted baby socks and shoes are lightweight and cheap enough to get several pair to accent a baby outfit or newborn dress for church, dinner out, or a visit to Grandma or Grandpa’s house. They make a great gift for a baby shower or any new parent.

Why Are Crochet Baby Booties Shoes Popular?Lightweight: newborns don’t weigh much and newborn foot apparel needs to be lightSoft: baby skin is delicate and crochet shoes Air Jordan 3s are more comfortable than hard shoesColorful: with so many different yarns, so many colors are availableInexpensive: cheap to buy and even cheaper to knit or crochet yourselfTraditional: memories Jordan 5 Retro of Grandparents knitting baby bootiesFun to Make: what is retro is new again, modern baby booties are a twist on vintage

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See all 6 photosMake Your Own Crochet Baby Shoes or Purchase OnlineIf you are crafty and into the DIY (do it yourself) trend then there are a myriad of crochet baby designs to make booties, baby hats, and blankets. I think this do it yourself craft movement is absolutely wonderful. There is nothing better than to get home made gifts made with thought, love and time. I still have my own knitted baby dress a family friend made me years ago and it’s a treasured gift.

I also have my kids baby blankets made Air Jordan 2011 by their Godmother.

Sweet Simple Baby Crochet: 35 Adorable Designs for Newborns to 12 MonthsHere are several adorable crochet designs Air Jordan 5 Retro for babies from elephant hats to booties and much more. Step by step instructions help along the way for the beginner.

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