23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 14s we’re going to start at the top

Hi, guys. I’m Joey Mattina. Air Jordan 14s Today, I’m going to talk to you about clothing for soccer. Alright, we’re going to start at the top, go all the way to our shoes. So, basically, when I play soccer, I like to wear a light, breathable shirt, you know, obviously depending on the weather. You’re going to kind of work with you know, use whatever works for you. But, I like a really quick drying, you know, light material that’s really breathable. I don’t like anything that’s weighing me down, make me feel heavy. Alright, that’s my shirt. Now, you can go to pretty much any sporting goods store and find a nice shirt that works for you. Down from the shirt, we go to the shorts. Generally, soccer players will wear a pair of undershorts. It’s kind of like a spandex, it’s a really tight gripping, it’s lightweight, it’s not cotton it’s a really elastic y material. It’s really, really much better than any kind of you don’t want to wear boxers, you don’t want to wear a cotton, you know, boxer brief. These spandex are going to be much more comfortable. You can find them in any sporting goods Air Jordan Fusion 5 store, alright? On top of that, obviously, you have your shorts. Shorts, you know, lightweight, generally, not going to go much further past your knee. I like to have it stop right before my knee, actually. I just feel like my legs are free. When I have longer shorts on, it just, it gets hot, you know? It’s uncomfortable, I feel like I can’t move as freely side to side anywhere I’m going. They rub together. So, shorts that end above the knee. And then, soccer socks. I like really, really stretchy soccer socks. I just like the feel, and it’s, you know, tight against my leg. It holds my shin guard in place better than loose fitting socks do. They have some brands that aren’t quite as elastic, you know, they’re not as stretchy. It’s up to you, whichever one you prefer. Alright, moving down to cleats. Cleats are very, very important. I can tell you a few things about different brands. I have very narrow feet. Nike has very narrow cleats. So, if you have narrow foot, you like really lightweight cleats, I recommend trying on some Nikes. Adidas is going to be a little bit more wide footed. So, just go try out what you like, you know? It’s all about personal preference, and what fits your foot best. Go to your soccer store, try on Air Jordan 9s some different pairs of cleats, different brands. And, that’s about Air Jordan 4s it for clothing. I mean, you don’t need much more than that, and you’ll be set with those items. I’m Joey Mattina, and that was Air Jordan DMP clothing for soccer.

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