23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 12s but that was when the GHO was in late July

The major stumbling block is the proposed proximity in distance and dates to the $1 million Air Jordan 12s Canon Greater Hartford Open at the Tournament Players Club at River Highlands in Cromwell. The 1994 Nike Connecticut Open is scheduled for late June or early July, and the GHO is June 23 26. Open and a week before the GHO.

“We Air Jordan 20s don’t feel it’s appropriate for a Nike Nike LeBron 11 event to be that close in proximity and time,” Dale Antram, executive director of the Nike Tour, said from his office in Ponte Vedra, Fla. “That’s a significant concern as far as marketing, because each tournament needs its own identity and credibility.

“I think this is a bad decision and an insult to all of us involved,” Taylor said.

“I don’t feel we’ll ever conflict with the GHO in terms of support or community effort. We each have our own clientele, and Air Jordan 9s the American Red Cross is ready to again help us with volunteers.

“I just don’t understand their logic and am skeptical of what they’re doing. I even invited Antram and other tour officials to review Lyman Meadow, and he declined.”

Tour officials approved Lyman Meadow two years ago, but that was when the GHO was in late July, five weeks after the Connecticut Open, which was then known as the Hogan Tour. The GHO moved to the last weekend in June this year.

Taylor, whose $50,000 donation saved the event this year, said

he doesn’t have another site in which to go. He said he contacted officials at Black Hall Club in Old Lyme, but they weren’t interested.

“Antram thinks there’s another place we can go,” Taylor said, “but he doesn’t have one and neither do I.” Air Jordan 13s Antram and Taylor don’t want to return to Yale after years of problems such as parking and contract negotiations.

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