23 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 10 How to Tie Shoes Using the Bunny Hole Rhyme

As an adult, brushing your teeth, going to the “potty” and tying your shoes are all actions you complete automatically, but for kids, these are important skills that must be learned and practiced. Children receive a sense of independence and self reliance from Air Jordan 10 each of these tasks, and these traits are crucial to developing confidence in a young person. Teaching kids to tie is one activity in particular that allows children to improve their motor skills and dexterity, while being led toward the accomplishment of a childhood milestone.

Replacing the normal shoelace of a shoe with colored laces is a fun way to familiarize kids with the general movements of making a knot. During instruction, many young people get confused with using their “left” or “right” hand to complete each step, but Air Jordan 4s using colored lacing eliminates this problem. Remove the single long shoelace from the shoe and replace with two different colored laces. Direct kids through the steps to tying as normal, but refer to each lace according to its color. Allowing kids to choose the colors of their laces is also a good way to grab their attention and inspire some excitement.

Comparing the act of Air Jordan 15s tying to making “bunny ears” is the preferred method of learning for many children. Explain to kids that the first step is to make the the bunny’s head; to accomplish this kids cross one lace over the other to make an “X” and then pull one of the laces tightly through the bottom. Next, kids must make the actual ears. Teach them to make the two loops and then to secure the ears by making another “X” and sliding one ear under the other. Once they pull tightly, the “ears” stay by themselves and the tying process is complete.

Rhymes, poems and stories are also kid friendly methods that make learning to tie easier and more enjoyable. “The Tree and the Squirrel” is one example that has become somewhat of an institution. First, the child must make “tree roots” by creating the initial knot. Then the child must create a “tree” by turning one of the laces into a loop. After that, the child threads the other lace over the “tree” and under and up to form a final loop. Explain this final action as “the squirrel going around the tree.”

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