22 Mar 2015

Where Are The Best Sites To Buy Playoffs 13s

The best thing about wearing platform shoes is the added height without compromising your balance as much as, say, a pair of stiletto heels. Platform shoes are at the forefront of fashion currently, in the form of pumps as well as sandals. But before you invest in a pair, you should be sure you can wear platform shoes without falling flat on your face.

Choose a style that works well with your wardrobe and is of a high quality. Peep toe platform heels are a classic choice, and gladiator platform sandals are very trendy at the moment. While black or brown is always a safe option that will go with almost anything, don’t be afraid to try bright colors.

Pay close attention to how the shoe is constructed. You want your platform shoes to be well made and not end up looking worn and scuffed after a few wears. Go for platforms made of leather, suede, or cork. Materials with texture tend to hide flaws better than smooth or shiny surfaces, such as patent leather.

When you are in the store trying on platform shoes, test them out by walking up and down the aisle a few times to be sure you can maintain your balance. Make sure the height of the heel is an appropriate ratio to the stack of the platform under your toes. Walk naturally: heel first, then toes. Your platform shoes should be secure around your heels so they don’t slip off. This may be remedied by inserting a pad. But don’t clomp your feet down as you walk or the platforms will make you look like an ogre!

Once you have a selected a pair of platform shoes that compliments your personal style and you can easily walk in, you need to be aware of what types of clothing they should be worn with. Platform shoes look great when paired with short skirts or dresses, as well as dressy shorts. You can go with bare legs or wear tights or leggings for cooler weather. Platform shoes also look stunning with skinny pants. Avoid wearing them with shapeless clothing or too flared pants, which may look dated, as in the 1970s.

Don’t wear platform shoes if you have to walk long distances. Throw a pair of ballet flats in your purse if this is the case. Avoid walking on rough or uneven surfaces in platform shoes, as this can be dangerous and cause you to twist your ankle.

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