22 Mar 2015

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When the furniture is stuffed and swathed with fabric or leather cover, it is called as upholstery. Upholstery makes the furniture more comfortable and gives a trendy and rich look to you rooms. The upholstered furniture look beautiful befitting to the home dcor. But their cleaning is also very essential as it cannot be done with ordinary cleaning. The upholstery requires different cleaning and proper care. All the stains cannot be removed in a single way; you need to apply different methods of removing stains depending on the type of stains.

The stains on your upholstery can mar the looks of your furniture; don’t consider the hard and tough stains as a very big problem as simple cleaning tips on different surface materials will help you to do the job easily. The upholstered furniture is no doubt expensive like you have sofa, chair, loveseat and many more. It can get dirty with if you eat on sofa and bits of food falls down and drinks that leave stains on sofa, dirty feet and dirty clothing.

Before initiating the process of cleaning find out the fabric to be cleaned. The best way to clean is to test it in the inconspicuous area to ensure no discoloration or damage is done to the fabric. With the simple steps and different cleaning methods given below can help you to remove stains effectively.

If it is a greasy stain so the best option is to choose a dry cleaning solvent easily available in any grocery or retail stores. Put the solvent on a clean white cloth and blot at the stain, do not rub. Mix a mild ph balanced detergent in one cup of warm water and blot it on the stain, after that use a towel to sponge the solvent and detergent off with clean warm water and let the spot dry.

Some may feel weird but baby wipes can prove effective in cleaning some upholstery. In this too much water and soap is not required and the alcohol in the wipes makes sure that it evaporates quickly. If the stains are mild they can be removed by the inexpensive sprays available. These upholstery sprays work quite well but should be used carefully. These sprays won’t work if the stains are large patch of oil or grease.

The loose dirt which gets collected everyday on the upholstery can be removed by the vacuum cleaner. You should be wary if your sofa or a chair is an expensive one, the upholstery of such furniture usually has lot of organic material inside. In such cases it is advisable to get cleaned professionally rather than trying tips that ca be tried at home as it worth the investment.

It is a common problem to have hair of pet on your upholstery. To remove those hair use a pet rake, velour brush or even tape wrapped around your hand. The light and even strokes will remove the hair from upholstery. If not you can try with the rubber bottom on a clean tennis shoe, even the slightly dampened sponge can be used but see to it that it does not damage the upholstery. The vacuum cleaner with a beater roll or beater brush can be of great help. The place where vacuum cleaner cannot reach one can use a pet sponge. The pet sponge is available at every pet supply stores and is used dry.

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