22 Mar 2015

Air Jordan DMP one of the wealthiest zip codes in the US

I think these are pretty funny and I know MANY people that fit this bill. When I was a bank teller, I worked in a very affluent area (one of the wealthiest zip codes in the US). Most of my regular customers were married, stay at home women and they were almost all moms. I had plenty that were very hands on with their kids (always en route to the playground or the library or whatever), but most of them had hired nannies working five days a week. I would wait on the mom on her way to the gym or the Junior League lunch and then an hour later I wait on the nanny, off to the pool with the kids. Hey, whatever works for you!

There a difference between having a full time nanny a la The Air Jordan DMP Nanny Diaries (my sister worked Jordan Pro Strong for someone like that and I was appalled) and a regularly scheduled babysitter. I was a part time for a SAHM who just wanted to be able to go grocery shopping without her kids, work out at the gym and volunteer. I don think that is in any way inconsistent with being a SAHM.

There also a difference between having a full time maid and Air Jordan 18s having a cleaning service come every week or two. Most people I know who have a cleaning service do their own cleaning on top of it, they just treat themselves to the luxury of having someone else do the deep cleaning because they can. It no different than having a lawn service or a pool service.

Since when do you have to be Caroline Ingalls in order to be a SAHM?

I think these would be actually humorous if the and were not mutually exclusive, and on true opposite ends of the spectrum. But, as the blogger said, these were made by teenagers. The higher functioning skills, such as reasoning and logic, really aren the forte of teenagers.

EG: A person who buys organic and drives a Hummer. So what? What does eating organic chicken, free of growth hormones, genetically modified to have breast meat 4x the average size of an organic, have to do with the size of a person vehicle? I understand the allusion being made, and I simply telling you there is no logical syllogism here.

EG: A person who does not vaccinate, and uses hand sanitizer. The efficacy of vacinations Air Jordan Fusion 5 has been long studied, and heavily scrutinized. The problem many non vaccinating parents have with vacines is that they simply DO NOT WORK! We like them to, but they just don EG: CDC data showing all deaths through polio in the US (since eradication) have come from those WHO HAVE BEEN vaccinated against polio. Other non vaccinating parents do not want to use vaccinations made from aborted babies, which several are. What funny is that if the memes were about people of visible minorities, they would be called racist, prejudice, etc. Not so after all, is it.

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