22 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 7s PM THE OWNER It not hard If you offering to cop for someon

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limit my search to /r/Sneakersuse the Air Jordan 7s following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details.

Do not post other users images and claim them as your own. You Air Jordan 6 Rings will be banned

Tag [WDYWT] [Restore] [Pickup(s)] [Restock] [Collection] posts using brackets or link flair.

No posts or comments trying to sell, buy or trade sneakers or Air Jordan 2010 anything else. Posts trying to sell, buy or trade will be deleted and the poster will be banned. Posts announcing that items are for sale will be deleted. No asking to buy sneakers. You will be banned. If you want to make an offer, PM THE OWNER. It not hard. If you offering to cop for someone, indicate it for retail plus PayPal fees or the comment will be removed. We try hard to keep this place TOTALLY free of buying and selling. There are dozens of places Air Jordan 16s to sell your kicks. Please try there.

No posts or comments Air Jordan 10s advertising/linking sites selling fakes. You be banned. No posts asking where to buy fakes. You will be banned. Discuss fakes somewhere else. This sub wants NOTHING to do with fakes

No blog spamming. If everyone one of your posts is a link to your blog, you might be banned.

No advertising your business in posts or in comments. Consult with the mods about promotional offers.

No posting direct links to social media accounts that aren yours. If the account belongs to a celebrity or very well known public figure then its OK. This is determined at the mods discretion.

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