22 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 6 Rings No links to fundraising pages

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Post all memes and rage comics to /r/TrollXChromosomes.

Fundraising: No links to fundraising pages, please. I say if you have wider feet, maybe think about getting a half size up I waffled back and forth about whether to do that, but by Air Jordan Women Size the time I was close to a decision, I already scuffed one of the soles. The toe box is just slightly too narrow for me. Walking was fine around a Air Jordan 2010 party, but I don know that I be able to handle walking distances in them (but again, probably because of the toe box issue). I use them for pavement and I have a pair with a little bit more traction that I use for trail running. They so comfortable that I also wear them as an everyday shoe. I have three pair of the closed toe “barefoot” gloves (a pair of Merrell Pace, a pair of Merrell Pure, and a pair Nike KD 7 of Merrell Trail which is the men version of the Pace and fits my foot much more comfortably). None of them even come close to comparing to the VFFs in my opinion. Great shoes, yes, but not nearly “barefooty” enough for me. The toe box really prevents the foot from landing and expanding like it is supposed to. The sole of the VFFs I linked to have a 2mm sole, and the Merrells are much thicker than KOBE 9 that.

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