22 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 2s Choose factory dyed shoes that are matched to your dress colo

If you want your shoes to match your dress, dyeable shoes are one option. Dyeable shoes are made of fabric that can be dyed after the shoes are made. That fabric is usually satin or crepe that has been treated so that it accepts dye more easily. If you are planning on wearing dyeable shoes for Air Jordan 2s your wedding or special event, though, there are some things you should know. Here are some suggestions to help you choose and buy dyeable shoes.

Choose the right fabric to get the right color for your dyeable shoes

Colors look different on different kinds of fabric. Since it is very unlikely that your shoes will be made of the exact same fabric as your dress, even the best dyer will not be able to make an exact match for the color of your dress. However, choosing the right kind of fabric for your shoes can make it far easier to match your color more closely. If your dress is made from satin or another shiny fabric, choose satin shoes, which will have the same reflective quality as the color of the dress. If your dress is made from a matte fabric, choose shoes made from crepe or another non shiny fabric. That will ensure that your shoes absorb more light than they reflect, resulting in a color that is closer to the color of your dress.

Order your shoes early if you plan to have them dyed

It can take between 8 14 days to get your shoes back from a dyer, so be sure that you order or buy them well in advance of Jordan 8 Retro your big date. If you are buying your shoes online, take shipping time into account and be sure to build in time for a return if the shoes do not fit properly. Since you will want to have your shoes ready to wear for the final fittings on your dress, you should have them ordered at least three months before the special day.

Bring a swatch of dress fabric

Be sure to take a swatch of the exact dress fabric with you when you bring your shoes to be dyed so that your shoe dyer has a good sized sample for comparison. Don’t rely on memory to help you choose the right color Air Jordan 3s for your shoes. Ask your dressmaker for a fabric swatch that you can take with you to a shoe shop when having your shoes dyed to match your gown.

Remember that colors look different in different light

Make sure that you check the shoe color match under the right light. Natural and artificial light have completely different effects on color. This might not matter in some things, but if you are trying to get an exact match in color for your shoes, you will want to see the color of your shoes and dress under the same kind of light that you will be wearing them under. In other words, if your wedding will be held outdoors, make sure that you see your shoes and dress in natural outdoor lighting. If it will be indoors, check the color out under the same kind of lights as the lights at your wedding venue.

Minimize slight color differenced between shoes and dress by picking the right style of shoe.

Choose shoes with embellishments or with little fabric to dye in order to minimize the impact of any color differences between your dress and your shoes. Color differences will be far less obvious if you choose a high heeled strappy sandal with rhinestone trim than they would be if you were wearing pumps or slides with far more colored surface area.

Be sure to apply a waterproofing coating to your shoes before wearing them

Dyed shoes are not weatherproof. They may run or stain if the weather does not cooperate. To reduce the chance that your shoes will run if it rains, apply a coat of water repellant, but don’t expect them to be completely waterproof. If your shoes get wet, reapply the water repellant.

If you are dyeing shoes, choose a shoe that is ecru or “bridal white” for dyeing

Bright white shoes have a blue undertone that can add a hint of blue to your dyed color, turning gold to green under some lights. Many shoe manufacturers combat this by making dyeable shoes in a warmer white that takes dye more truly. If you can’t get the right white, there are products on the market that will tone down the white before dyeing.

Choose factory dyed shoes that are matched to your dress color

If you order your dress and shoes from the same bridal salon, you may get a match that is as close to an exact color match as humanly possible. That’s because the color dyes are created to match colors that are being used in the bridal and Air Jordan 20s prom fashion industry that season. It’s an easy way to get shoes that match your dress without going through the hassle of having them Air Jordan 18s dyed yourself.

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