22 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 20s remain in bed until the tremor is over When the tremor end

When the ground is rumbling every second counts. There is no time to panic. Refusing to panic can save your life. Structural damage can occur in your area if you are close enough to a blast or earthquake to feel the shock. Depending on where you are located, the following guidelines may help save your life.


Keep a flashlight and sturdy shoes within reach of your bed and your work place. At home, keep clothing you can quickly put on within reach of your bed. If you are in bed when the shaking starts, remain in bed until the tremor is over. When the tremor ends, quickly put on clothing and shoes. Bare feet are no match for broken glass, and light shoes won’t last long in rough terrain.


IF YOU ARE LOCATED INDOORS kneel next to an interior, weight bearing wall. Get beneath something solid such as a strong table. Protect your head and neck with your hands. Brace yourself by hanging onto whatever you are beneath.

IF YOU ARE LOCATED IN A HIGH RISE get beneath something sturdy. Cover your head and neck with a hand. Grasp the object shielding you to steady yourself. Use the stairs when you exit. Air Jordan 20s Elevators should NEVER be used during a fire or earthquake.


Quickly note the location of large trees and power lines. If these fall, they are dangerous. Avoid these or any other overhead hazards. Try to position yourself in an open space in order to avoid falling objects. In the city you should avoid standing near high buildings. As much as 2 to 13 feet of glass could cover city streets below high rise buildings.


Don’t exit the vehicle. Locate yourself beyond the reach of overhead threats. Don’t park underneath an overhang. During an earthquake, don’t get out of your car even if it is underneath a bridge during. Tires will act as a cushioning (and insulation) if heavy debris fall onto your automobile. On an open road, you will want to pull over to the shoulder without blocking the thoroughfare. Wait for the quaking to end. Do a physical assessment and be sure you are in good shape. Locate the flashlight. In the event of gas leaks, a flashlight will be MUCH safer to use than a candle. If you are at home, locate everyone in your household. Help everyone get Jordan Winterized 6 Rings to your pre arranged meeting place. Once you’ve accounted for everyone, walk around the perimeter of the house, checking for structural damage such as large cracks or obvious leaning. Tune in by radio to the emergency broadcast network for information Nike LeBron 11 on relief efforts.

Locate any pets you own. Attempt to reassure and calm them. In order to assure that they not get lost running away in fright, place them on a leash or restrain them until they are calm. This will also help prevent bites that occur due to anxiety.


Trust your gut when it comes to survival. Pay attention to what you see small animals and insects doing. In 2008 there was a mass migration of frogs crossing roads in China that began on a Monday (May 5th). A few Nike LeBron 12 days later (May 12th) a 7.8 magnitude quake killed nearly 10,000 people in central China.


These measures are offered as guidelines. In the event you find yourself experiencing an earthquake, your chances of survival will be enhanced by having taken the time to contemplate your options. This advice is not meant to take Air Jordan 2s the place of professional emergency aid. All liability is assumed by the person that utilizes these measures.

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