22 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 19s no fal de das or fiddle dee dees

You mean that Air Jordan 19s since no one knew who was in the band and who wasn’t, all I had to do was get on a bus and I could ride with the FAMU band to a game or special event?

I think the new president should decide whether to re instate the FAMU band. Dr. Ammons has done enough.

So I guess the MacArthurs woke up one morning and said to each other: “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.” They were a valuable addition to the Tallahassee community and will be missed.

If the city has to ponder about what to spend the additional 1 cent sale tax on, it does not need it, just wants it. Why do we complain about high taxes and then vote for more tax?

Romney was just trying out for a part in the “The Barber of Seville” in highschool. He is not a hair dresser or a hair stylist are sissy jobs.

[True Story] Several of Romney’s prep school roommates recounted how he led a group in chasing down a new, “hippie looking” student and forcibly cutting his hair. Romney said it was ridiculous. ” I would never chase after another student.” he said. “That’s the chaffeur’s job.”

Should the unthinkable happen with our adored symbol, it doesn’t sound all that bad to sing “Fight, fight, fight, fight to victory, the Cimarrons of Florida State. Woo!

Sorry Mr. Ensley, the day FSU relents to political correctness and changes their mascot is the day I throw away my garnet and gold and find another team to root for.

New rule: If you’re wearing camouflage cargo pants, you’re too old to Air Jordan 5s be breastfeeding.

With all Jordan Winterized 6 Rings this controversy over weather forecasts why don’t you weathermen stick to “Chance of Rain 50%. That way we will all know it is either going to rain or it isn’t and the weathermen will always be right.

Just grow up and use the “Golden Rule”.

“Record US corn harvest predicted for summer”. Does this mean gas prices will get lower since ethanol should be cheaper? Cheap corn = Cheap gas

Had a nightmare last night. I dreamed I was still working.

Improved science in classrooms why bother, we never listen to scientists.

Also, once upon a time, the Star Spangled was sung or played as a military march as it should be. Straight count, no fal de das or fiddle dee dees, just a straight from the heart musical salute honoring a Great Country, the USA!

Do you really think there were any Seminole warriors riding horses named Cimarron? If your not going to use a name from their language, I vote for Seabiscuit.

Prison inmate Keith Judd got 40% of the vote against President Obama in the West Virginia Primary. The 40% wanted to vote for Nike Air Foamposite One someone with real convictions.

President Obama had to abandon his statement that his views on gay marriage were “evolving” when his aides pointed out that a lot of people who don’t believe in gay marriage also don’t Air Jordan 18s believe in evolution.

$40.000 for a plate dinner! Some people don’t make that much a year!

Best bumper sticker award: I am sorry you cannot manage your time, but I will not speed for you.

Are we sure the football players are enrolled at FAMU?

Allow non students to join band, ignore university policies, tolerate unacceptable behavior, embarrass the community as well as the education system and retire with a generous pension and benefits funded by taxpayers. What a deal

What fraternity was Dr. White a member of, and what is its status on campus?

All that rhetoric from Dr. White’s advocate to make the point that “Champion was complicit.” The defendant blaming the victim again.

I’d say Obama is gambling with his re election chances when he has switched on his gay marriage opinion five times now.

How’s this for unbiased journalism: “Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho, a rabble rousing quote machine who is preternaturally skeptical . . . .” Is Paul Flemming auditioning for Fox News?

You are a full time student at FAMU and enrolled in the band course or you are not in the band. Call the roll. How hard is that?

I’m confused. Is there a policy for checking enrollment of the band members in the band course only if the band travels, or is there a policy for checking enrollment in the band course period. Do you have to be a full time student to enroll in the band course?

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