22 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 19s

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Piggybacking on your piggyback in hopes that this won get buried. Awesome diagram, but something that has always irked me about it is the Less Versatile > More Versatile designation. It almost seems like it should be Less Appropriate > More Appropriate, with the number/weight of green cells equating to versatility.

The reason I say this is because at first glance, red for black on black appears to be an indicator of “bad,” when really black on black is perfectly appropriate in given situations, but that would be the only green cell for black suits, rendering them quite non versatile. The information that I wanted to display was the versatility of various suit/shoe combinations.

My goals for the chart were all to address very common questions that we get here on MFA:

My primary goal was to give people an idea of what their first suit and pair of dress shoes should be. They could look at what type of events they normally attend, and then choose the most versatile combination. The colors represent which combinations have the most versatility when compared to the entire matrix, not just that suit color.

My secondary goal was to give people a guide as to what appropriate to wear to which event. Going to a summer wedding and don know what to Air Jordan 19s wear? Just got a job where you need to wear a suit? etc.

The black suit is a perfect example of this. Usually the party line against the black suit is that it too “severe” or to formal. But how can a suit that is worn these days in nearly every context (even business!) be “severe” if no one sees it as such anymore?

If I out in Vegas with a group of friends, and all Air Jordan 4s of them are wearing slim Air Jordan 2 black suits with skinny ties and thin lapels, and I roll out in my “versatile” navy suit with classic lapels and Jordan Winterized 6 Rings a conservative width tie paired with a nice pair of brown leather shoes, guess what? I broke the rules I the one that looks like a fool, not them. Worse, I the one that feels like a fool.

All that said, the rules are a good guideline, and many of the rules are rules for a reason (though not always a good or relevant reason, as you pointed out). But if all you know is the rules, you going to look like an idiot Air Jordan 12s more often than you like.

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