21 Mar 2015

KOBE 9 divisive

The Commission on Delivery of Health Services in Tasmania report said the tri regional health system established in 2011 was not operating efficiently or collaboratively, while leadership and bad behaviour were impeding positive change.

The expert panel appointed by the previous state and federal Labor governments backed the State Government decision to put the Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment on hold.

It said the redevelopment needed to be reconsidered in the context of the resources available to build and run it as part of a statewide health system.

The report was highly critical of government and health bureaucrats dating back to 2007, saying it appeared no consideration had been given to the needs of the whole state or how regional health services should work KOBE 9 in collaboration.

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Independent Denison MHR Andrew Wilkie, who was instrumental in securing a $325m health funding boost in 2012, has called the commission report a indict of the state of public health care in Tasmania also raised concerns about an and them culture within the three Tasmanian health organisations impeding efforts for statewide reform.

particular, we are concerned by the level of ignorance of clinical governance practices among Air Jordan 4s senior clinicians, the report stated.

It said it appeared some clinicians believed statewide policies could be when it suits them regard this as ill dangerous and a challenge to Air Jordan Fusion 4 the of individual clinicians for the safety and quality of the care they provide, the report stated.

The commission made 57 recommendations including greater resource sharing hospitals, a clinical focusing on statewide needs, better oversight of elective surgery, a crackdown on staff performance and a major overhaul of workplace culture and the behaviour of senior clinicians and staff.

Australian Medical Association state secretary Tim Greenaway said the report highlighted the fact Tasmania could no longer afford to provide all services at all hospitals.

are going to have to look at doing things better but perhaps not everything in every place, Dr Greenaway said.

Mr Wilkie said yesterday: to the commission, the Tasmanian public health system is badly led, poorly structured and handicapped by a number of unsatisfactory clinical practices.

the commission identified again the inefficiency of having a number of hospitals all delivering the same services.

other words there should instead be greater specialisation across the hospital network, and by implication the opportunity to close one of the northern hospitals. three person commission was established about two years ago to oversee the delivery of federal funding, but the report suggests there has been minimal improvement.

Health Minister Michael Ferguson said it concern about the deficient planning process for the RHH commission found that the development under the previous state government was and displayed a of appropriate planning and consultation which is in line with the new Liberal Air Jordan Future Government decision to place the project on hold, Mr Ferguson said.

The report calls for the plan to be by population health needs and appropriate clinical engagement with the goal of planning a service that is not only affordable but which . is better able to meet the needs of patients report was released by state and federal governments at the weekend and Mr Ferguson will deliver it to Cabinet on Wednesday.

Mathew Munro of Hobart Posted at 1:49 AM May 06, 2014

Angus Brown, how do you come up with 560 for the North, “130 beds at the NWRH and 60 beds at the Mersey = 190” + “300 beds at the LGH” = 490 not 560. 400 vs 490 is not proportional, but 1 bed is not divisible, and there would be a few specialist beds. Also, it’s easier to balance out fluctuations in load from 1 ward of RHH to another than it is to balance out fluctuations from one Northern hospital to another. Also, the RHH is due to be expanded still hopefully.

Angus brown of Bellerieve Posted at 10:31 PM May 05, 2014

I am astonished to find that after A quick review of the ABS, my hospital and DHHS websites, THO anual reports etc i found that there are approximately 400 beds at the RHH for 49.5% of the population, 130 beds at the NWRH and 60 beds at the mersey =190 beds for 22.3% of the population and approx 300 beds at the LGH for 28.1% of the population. Thats roughly 400 v 560 hospital beds south v north. This is despite the South having the major teaching hospital, the only tertiary hospital and the major state wide service provider in this state so in addition to having to provide secondary services to 49.5% of the population with 160 beds less than the north it also has to provide all these other services for all tasmanians as well!. As a southerner waiting years on a surgical waiting list this is discimination of the highest order!!! Not only that it appears that the South has just 2 rural hospital facilities compared with 2 in the NW and 8 in the North. it doesn’t take einstien to work out how $ can be saved in the Health system. Its time all tasmanians were treated fairly and Air Jordan 12s given the same level of access to health care and the pork barreling of the past rectified ASAP.

Mike England of Gretna Posted at 10:18 PM May 05, 2014

3 THO’s, over managed, badly managed, divisive, parochialism all add up to a department that is leaderless, [despite all the management] out of touch and simply wasting too much money in all the wrong areas. It will take a really strong minister and departmental secretary to attend to the problem and we don’t mean by having “new direction” type statements and the like. Positive action only will help fix the problem but I don’t see ant light at the end of the tunnel with the present incumbents within health or government

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