21 Mar 2015

Jordan Winterized 6 Rings Even if you can not feel it

ElectroStatic DischargeComputers have a lot of microprocessors in them that are very sensitive to high static voltages. As more manufacturers are able to pack Jordan Winterized 6 Rings more and more transistors into Processors and other micro electronics get smaller and smaller there resistance to static is far less.

You can easily damage a PC just by touching it with your bare fingers. ESD protection is mandatory if you want to keep your PC in good Air Jordan DMP health.

ESD explained in detailESD stands for electro static discharge. Every time we move Air Jordan 3s about our bodies generate electricity in the form of static, even with the smallest movement your body will generate some volume of static electricity.

Have you ever walked across a carpet in rubber shoes and gone to touch a door knob? Or rubbed against a balloon and shocked your friends. This is static electricity and each time you move, take of your shoes, take off your jacket your generating electricity. Even a car traveling on the road will generate some electricity due to the air friction on the car.

Even if you can not feel it, its not a rule of thumb to go by. The fact is that ESD is generated by everyone so protection is a must.

ESD ProtectionUse the tools below to help protect your equipment from ESD shock

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Protecting against ESDEven though static charges can Air Jordan 2010 easily be generated by two rubbing surfaces there are easy ways to tackle ESD when on sensitive electronics and PC’s.

One of the easiest methods is an anti static wrist band. The anti static wrist band connects your body to the earth wire of your mains. By doing this your body will be at the same potential as the earth, therefore any charge will be discharged through the earth of the house wiring and away from the component that your holding.

Long hair? Tie it back!

Hair is another good static generator, i have seen technicians Zap PC components due to the pins coming into contact with their hair. Even if you have an Anti static wrist strap its always good practice to keep hair out of the way. Getting hair trapped in fans and other moving parts is no fun

Anti Static MatsWhen removing and on PCB boards and motherboards use an Anti Static Mat to reduce the risk of ESD. A Anti Static Mat will help to dissipate any charge at any point on the board. The Mat is conductive but at a fairy low resistance. This is to suppress a sudden discharge and transfer a buildup of charge slowly.

The Mat has snap in connections on all 4 corners which should be connected to an earth to prevent any static buildup. Once grounded you can safely store any static sensitive component on the mat.

Anti Static BagsAnti Static bags are used for storage and transportation of static sensitive components. Use these bags to store components such as hard drives, RAM, PCI cards and processors.

The bag is made of a conductive material that is designed to act as a Faraday cage, Protecting the components from external sources of static. To be effective the bag Air Jordan 12s must be completely sealed. Check that theres no holes or scratched in the bag.

Also make sure you can recognize an anti static bag, they will have the ESD symbol printed on them. Comments are not for promoting your Hubs or other sites.

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