21 Mar 2015

Jordan Retro 8 except instead of cuffing the bottoms

Create the breeches and drawers for the bottom part of your costume. Take a pair of slightly loose sweatpants and cut the waistband off, then cut the legs just below the kneecap. Using a seam ripper, take the sweatpants apart at the center seam and one of the leg side seams, so that you have one front and one back piece. Use these as your pattern pieces. Also make a rectangular pattern piece for the waistband by taking your waist measurement and adding one inch. Use this measurement for the length and 3 1/2 inches for the width. Do the same for a cuff pattern by measuring your calf plus one inch for the length and using two inches for the width.

Lay the front leg pieces of the breeches on top of the back leg pieces, right sides together. Stitch the leg pieces at the side seams, one half inch away from the edges, stopping five inches from the bottom edges. Open up the leg pieces and lay them together, and stitch along the crotch seam from front to back. Fold the short ends of the waistband piece under one half inch and stitch in place, then fold the whole waistband in half along the width. Do the same to the cuff pieces. Stitch the raw edges of the waistband to the top of the legs, matching the edges with the center back seam. Turn the open ends of the legs under one half inch and stitch, then stitch the cuff pieces to the bottom edges. Create buttonholes along both sides of the openings as well as the back of the waistband, through which to Jordan Retro 8 put laces. Make the drawers in the same way, except instead of cuffing the bottoms, turn the hems under one half inch and run laces through the channel, so that the drawers are shorter than your breeches. Also leave the center front edge of the drawers open.

Create the dress shirt. Take a slightly loose sweatshirt and cut the collar and cuffs off of it. Take Air Jordan 8 the shirt apart at the seams and discard one of the sleeves and one of the body pieces. Lay the sleeve piece and the body piece on top of a double layer of white cotton fabric. Add one half inch all around the body piece and cut along those lines. Extend the width of the sleeve piece by five inches, then add one half inch to the armhole and hem edges. Cut the new sleeves. Create a collar piece by measuring the circumference of the total neckhole and adding one inch, then creating a rectangle in that length plus a width of three inches. Curve one of the corners on each end of the collar. Cut two pieces. Create two cuffs by measuring your wrist, then making a rectangle that is that length Jordan Winterized 6 Rings plus 1 1/2 inches with a width of four inches.

Gather the armhole and hem edges of the sleeves and stitch the sleeves together at the side seams. Stitch the body pieces together at the sides and insert the sleeves into the armholes. Stitch the armhole edges. Turn up the bottom hem and stitch in place. Cut the center front of the front body piece down five inches and bind the edges with spare rectangles of fabric. Stitch the collar pieces together along the curved edges then turn the collar right side out. Stitch the raw edges to the neckhole, matching up the edges. Fold the short edges of the cuffs in one half inch and stitch, then fold them in half along the length. Stitch the raw edges to Air Jordan 8 Retro the sleeve ends. Add buttons and buttonholes to the front of the collar.

Create the waistcoat. Take one of the sweatshirt body pieces and fold it in half, then lay it on top of a double layer of your waistcoat fabric. Fold up the front corner of the sweatshirt. Add one half inch to all sides, then cut along those lines. Fold the front corner back down again and cut the back of the waistcoat. Stitch the waistcoat together at the back seam and side seams, then turn under and stitch the edges at the front, hem, collar and armholes. Add buttons and buttonholes to the front edges. Create the frock coat in the same manner, this time adding sleeves the size of the sweatshirt sleeve pieces with wide cuffs. Also extend the hem to just above your knee, and Air Jordan 2s once you have sewn the frock coat, cut the back bottom of the coat up to the waist in two even slits. Bind the edges of the slits.

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