21 Mar 2015

Jordan Retro 10 lol

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Not sure what the bump is, but if it is your Achilles tendon then you have to be pretty careful. Achilles tendon injuries are pretty nasty, and the tendon can rupture if you ignore it for too long. If it seems like it getting worse at all or altering the way you run, take a few days off. To be honest, if it “absolutely killing” you, you might want to take a couple of days off now and save yourself from having to take a lot more time off later. Also avoid the fuck out of hills. Stay as flat as possible, even if that means you stuck on the dreadmill for a while. Google is your friend, basically Haglund (aka pump bump) is a small knob of bone from the heel bone of your foot impinging on the achilles. This can become a real long term problem requiring surgery (I am 5 weeks post surgery myself after being sidelined for over a year of NO RUNNING). Get to the doctor early, have an x ray taken to rule it out, and if it Air Jordan CDP is Haglund get to physical Air Jordan 6s therapy (go with a sports oriented PT guy) and start the healing and recovery process. Feel free to PM me directly if you need any information. Heel (lol) quickly!If you actually have a deformity that existed prior to running (as kosta123 suggests) I agree that it time to see a doctor.

In fact, when you say your Achilles is absolutely Air Jordan 5s killing you, and you never seen a doctor for it, my primary advice is to see a doctor. You need to take care with your Achilles.

However, I will also summarize my experience with an injured Achilles in case it will help you.

Years ago I hurt my Achilles trying to train up to running 3 miles. I figure I was heavy and trained too quickly, but the result was PT recommended by an orthopedist.

It took a long time to heal and even then it would re injure if I tried to run or even if I just bumped it. Clearly, my lower leg muscles were just too weak. But I didn know what to do.

Wife was a runner, and eventually I got better shoes (I needed a lot of motion control) recommended by someone who analyzed my gait.

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