21 Mar 2015

Jordan Pro Strong the best ones for him are Rileyroos

I’m looking at a bunch of shoes online right now and obviously I know I should try them on my son before purchasing, but some sites have free returns. It’s Jordan Pro Strong really hard to tell what some of them will look like when they’re actually on.

My son has extra wide feet with a high instep, but he’s starting to grow into them the more Air Jordan 8s he wears shoes. Currently, the best ones for him Air Jordan 4s are Rileyroos, but I’d like to get him a sneaker and a boot or something.

I would definitely recommend taking your LO to a stride Air Jordan 15s rite store near you. They can measure them and tell you the best shoes for your LO. They are pricey but in my opinion well worth it esp at this age. She tried on one pair and was walking funny, and then put on a different pair and took off running. You can try on different Air Jordan 23s ones and see which ones work best for your LO. We really like them, they fit him well and the sole is still thin it can really move with his foot instead of his foot moving with the shoe if that makes sense. and they are blue/white/black.

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