21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Future How Do I Glue a Split Shoe Sole

Shoes don’t last forever and need to be repaired and cleaned from time to time. The most common shoe repair is fixing a split shoe sole. The sole is made up of two pieces the outsole and the welt. According to the “Shoe Guides Anatomy of the Shoe,” the ‘outsole’ is the outer portion of the shoe sole you Air Jordan Future see. “The welt is a strip of material that joins the upper part of the shoe to the sole.” A split shoe sole takes place when the welt separates from the outsole. The welt and outsole can usually be Air Jordan 3 Retro repaired by gluing them together with a shoe repair adhesive. Air Jordan Fusion 4 If you need to repair your sole after a dog chews it, you must Air Jordan 5s assess the damage because the repairs may require work to the welt and outsole.

Slide a shoe tree inside the shoe to maintain the shape of the shoe. Set the shoe upright so its sole is in contact with a hard surface such as a floor. Cover the shoe with a bath towel for padding and put a few heavy books on top of the towel to ensure the outsole and welt are pressed Jordan Pro Strong together in the center of the shoe sole. Follow the drying time calculations on the label of the shoe repair adhesive before removing the clamps and wearing the shoe. Use a fine grit sandpaper to remove any adhesive around the perimeter of the shoe sole. Touch up the sole color with like colored shoe polish.

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