21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 6s With Justin popularity

Selena Gomez is on the other side of the country from Justin Bieber, but Sunday is his day to howl and she is probably going to feel the brunt of his howling no matter where she is. April Fools Day is like a day custom made Air Jordan 6s for the biggest prankster in the music business and chances are Justin will include getting Selena with a good one before the day done.

With all of his money, the elaborate jokes he can play on his number one girl are endless, even from thousands of miles away. Never mind the money, with all his creativity Selena is bound to spend the day looking over her shoulder. He showed Air Jordan Future up in a candy colored wig during Willow Whip My Hair song. He goes overboard on this day.

Last year Justin took over the comedy site Funny or Die. At 17 he did April Fools Day up big time; now that he 18, with his new legal status, there no telling what he has in that cute little head of his.

He shown that he has what it Jordan Winterized 6 Rings takes to pull off a prank while straight faced and he got the ability to make it believable while appearing on Punk Selena can expect anything from a baby elephant wrapped in a bow to a hundred piece marching band showing up with a message for her on the set of Breakers. This famous teen couple often take turns flying back and forth to see each other often on a weekend; if this is one of those weekends, then Selena really in for it!

With Justin popularity, he has many famous friends he can recruit to help him pull Air Jordan DMP a prank on Selena, so she can even trust that her co workers wouldn be in on something Justin planned. What ever the teen crooner has planned to prank Selena on April Fools Day, it sure to Air Jordan 5s hit headline news on Monday!

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