21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 2011 with speakers and a mic

I recently purchased an iMicro SP IM320 USB Headset, with speakers and a mic, due to a long chain of events, with the final event Air Jordan 2011 being my headphone/mic ports being completely broken away from the motherboard. Anyway, the proble is that it seems to not like my computer. Whenever I plug it into my computer, Air Jordan Women Size It says “no driver found” upon installation, and nothing happens. It works just fine on my friend’s computer, and university computers, but not mine. I have attached pictures to further visualize the problem. It says there is no driver for the c media usb headphone set, which is apparently what the headset uses. There are volume regulation and mute buttons on the headset cord, and they do a fine job of working properly to change the volume; I just have no sound/mic. I uninstalled the driver, and tried reinstalling it many times. I also went into device manager to Air Jordan 23s try to find the driver online. It works fine when I plug it in and let it do it’s thing on other computers, just not mine. Here is the url for their mirror website, with product details. URL iMicro Electronics LimitedNo driver though. Why is it saying no driver found on my computer, yet not on others? I have no idea how to find the right missing driver; I think it came with windows, but got corrupted. I looked as the C Media site, and there’s so many drivers, I have no Idea which I need. When it worked on my friend’s computer, I made sure to check what it looked like in the device manager, and it was under sound, video, and game controllers, so I selected that category. It then said this Sorry for the wait. At home for the weekend. No Air Jordan 16s internet there.Anyway, no flags in the usb, or the sound category (which is where it shows up on other computers if it installs correctly). It is classifying it as “Other Devices”; even if I completely uninstall it and re plug it in, the instant it is plugged in it shows up under “Other Devices”, not universal serial bus (as you well know is usb) or sound, or anything else. When it is plugged in and before/after the failed installation (doesn’t matter whether it’s before or after, just shows up either way), it Air Jordan 5s shows up in the “Other Devices” category, instantly with an error flag. It is shown in the second picture.Update After doing the manual install from last post, it still doesn’t show up in the usb category; and still has an error flag in the “Other Devices” category.

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