21 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 10s the Hong Kong Hongda Trading Co

The Tenth China Dongguan International Footwear Exhibition Shoetec (Autumn 2009) will be held October 28 30 in Dongguan (Houjie) Guangdong Air Jordan 10s Modern International Exhibition Center. Is expected to show an area of 20,000 square meters, the number of exhibitors is expected to reach 500, which will attract over 16,000 professional visitors at home and abroad come to visit the procurement. In the current environment of global economic recession, although the time away from the exhibition held there about 2 months time, the Tenth China Dongguan International Footwear Exhibition Shoetec enthusiastic exhibitors have been sought after and attention.

Jin Xian skill are encouraged to register well known exhibitors to promote their brands

In the finished shoes, the Dongguan Jie Hao Shoes Co., Ltd. in the last session, after the first exhibition that participate in exhibitions will help open up new sources, decided to step up this session of the exhibition booth area is doubled; the same time, but also actively use Expo publicity platform to promote high fashion women’s shoes brands “Next Stage Valance Jie” and the lovely and comfortable children’s shoes brand “Coco Cutey Fort delicious.” In addition, Dongguan China Shoes old Exhibitors Enhancement Enterprises (Hong Kong) Limited in the last event to get to know the active participation of Japanese buyers after the show, and is still optimistic about the show business matching platforms. Isca (ISCA) is still a large area of this Air Jordan 20s exhibition, and has focused on creating high fashion women’s shoes brand GmL. In the shoe machine, the world’s third largest computer manufacturer of shoe last production systems, Emma CNC Technology Co., Ltd., will increase this session of the exhibition booth area, refrain from the use of Dongguan China Shoes international Air Jordan 2s platform for the introduction of a new computer, leather cutting machine, typesetting machine and scanners and other all digital production system. In addition, Dongguan shoe machinery manufacturers Fai up shoe machine, given the very productive last year’s event will also double booth space to showcase more new machinery. In addition to the many old and has always supported the show exhibitors, the show also attracted a number of new Air Jordan CDP exhibitors, including monographs on the high end women’s shoes soles products Yibao Dongguan shoe will debut exhibition, aiming at Dongguan and energetically develop the market. More than 40 countries in the world with nearly 200 Air Jordan 8s business units, with the size of the label supplier Avery Dennison, Dongguan China Shoes will be the first time; while imports of cattle in Bangladesh franchise / sheep embryos and finished leather, men’s, Women and children’s shoes of the Di Wang Leather and Shoes Co., Ltd., this year will be the first time. Show also attracted a number of high end fashion shoes manufacturers for the first time exhibitors, including the extraordinary footwear trading company, Hop Hing Industrial Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kay Jiale Trading Co., Ltd., the Hong Kong Hongda Trading Co., Ltd. and so on.

Innovation and value added services, point buyers plan to invite

To allow trade matching services more humane, closer to the needs of exhibitors, the organizers of this exhibition in the exhibition broke the traditional framework, in particular the creation of point to point buyers will invite. Only provide exhibitors they would like to cooperation between the Chinese and foreign buyers list, the organizers can assign special personnel to follow up and make the invitation.

At the same time, organized by professional associations are also buyers corporation now in a strong recruiting. Exhibition are a number of China’s footwear industry associations, including the Chinese Academy of leather and footwear industry, the China International Trade Promotion Committee, Dongguan Leather Shoes Association, the Shenzhen City retail trade industry associations, Longgang District, footwear (leather ) Chamber of Commerce. They will actively organize buyer groups to attend the show.

At present, China is in the shoe industry, the stage of adjustment and restructuring and upgrading the Tenth China Dongguan International Footwear Exhibition Shoetec will focus on the strengthening of domestic and foreign trade exchange and cooperation to help enterprises to explore new business opportunities. China Dongguan International Footwear Exhibition Shoetec by the China Light Industry Arts Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Dusseldorf Exhibition (China) Limited, Hong Kong Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. and Guangdong Modern Convention and Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. jointly organized a UFI International recognition and Dongguan, the only professional footwear exhibition, also known as Asia’s best one stop shop in the high end shoes, shoe, shoes, machine procurement platform.

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