21 Mar 2015

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Even if it did make sense, the guide omits the most important information about shoe fitting, which is that the ball of your foot, the wide ridge of bone behind your toes, needs to go in the right place on the footbed, namely the widest part.

Some shoes are designed with more or less elongated toes, so toe room is actually a poor, borderline irrelevant judge of shoe fit. If the Air Jordan 10s ball of our foot is in the right place, the shoes are the correct length, and if they are correctly designed there will be enough room for the toes.

There more to it of course the footbed has to wide enough throughout the foot, shouldn be too wide at the heel that your foot slips out, and there needs to be enough circumference around the mid foot (above the instep) that your foot is comfortable.

The Air Jordan 1s graphic design for this guide is very good, but parts of the content are frankly very incomplete and simplistic, to the point of not being very helpful. (shoes and blazers, for example)Hey man not stupid at all. I give you the usual caveat; I am not a moderator or consistent contributor but here my advice. Its totally up to you. Most pants produced now are made to sit on our hips. My personal taste though for more formal trousers is to buy Air Jordan Fusion 4 those which sit higher just below my belly button, its a more classic silouhette. Some brands like Barena make pants which sit even higher closer to your true waist, the narrowest part of your torso. he is right in saying that most are made to sit on the hips and you are right in thinking that dressier pants tend to be worn nearer the natural waist. In general though, the rise of the pants define where the waist of the pants sit.

The rise is the measurement from the waist of the pants to where the top of the legs start, basically the place where your balls will be. This picture illustrates it well (its labeled as front rise here, but its the same thing). The longer the rise the further up towards your waist the pants will fit. Most pants now are low rise, which means they are meant to fit on or near your hips. But there are a few things I think are far too general. 1) Pleats aren “bad”. They serve a function Air Jordan 16s and sometimes they are good. To say “avoid pleats completely” is the exact opposite of what any fit guide should suggest. 2) Regarding the shoe comment of “barely graze the front of the Air Jordan 20s shoe with your toes”. This cannot be always true. Some styles have longer area by design and your toe is not meant to go all the way up there.

There are other generalities I disagree with, but none so much as those two. Overall though I think this is a great guide for people just trying to figure things out.

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