20 Mar 2015

Nike Air Foamposite One things would have been different’ Please help us

Mid January every year since 2002 sends shivers down my veins. This year was not left out. I found myself, on Nike Air Foamposite One the 19 th of January thinking about my Mum and all she stood for. It left me with so much longing and pain that I wondered what had come over me. Then I remembered it was the day she died. Time I hear heals but one certainly do not forget. Year after year, Christmas after Christmas, memories of my mother would come so alive that it would seem like it was yesterday. When life lashes a hard blow on me, I would want to reach out to her. Alas! She is unavailable; she is gone. It is not for a day or a month or even a year. She is gone forever, leaving strong memories behind.

She laboured so much to raise five kids but when things began to ease off for her, death struck. My father once said if people could reach out and lay hold of death, he would be tied up and imprisoned never to cause havoc again. Her death was such a blow; we were not prepared for it. But then who is? One never knows how painful it can be until it happens.

She pulled such a crowd Air Jordan 19s during her burial that we were stunned at the number of lives she had touched. She was qualified with numerous adjectives that it Air Jordan 14s dawned on me that my mother gave her all not just to her family but also to those she met in her journey of life.

She was so outstanding that I feared her shoes would never be my size no matter how hard I try. But after a few incidences I have come to realize that she left a legacy in me and my siblings.

One of such incidences and a major challenge was my brother’s wedding. Mum was such a great and an agile organizer that I sensed the outcome of my brother’s wedding was going to speak volumes. I did not want a situation where my mum’s absence will be so glaring due to inefficiencies. We could not afford the service of an event manager and so we had to plan and execute most of the tasks ourselves.

It was a challenge of which I was apprehensive. I was not sure we would organize the wedding as effectively as she would have. As the day drew nearer, I prayed, “Dear Lord, the last thing I want to hear Air Jordan 20s is, If only your mum was here, things Air Jordan 6s would have been different.’ Please help us.”

The day came and everything went smoothly. Well, it may not have been a 100% perfectly organized wedding but I did not hear complaints.

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