20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 2s gives a fake little laugh

This is a very minor rant about my shoes.

Three years ago, MIL and FIL were visiting us when we lived Air Jordan 2s near Malibu, and she asked to borrow a pair of flip flops. I loaned her a new pair of sequined flip flops Air Jordan 1s with a sueded footbed, thinking she would be careful with them. Nope. She walks right into the ocean, then comes out, gives a fake little laugh, and goes, “Oops. I just ruined your pretty sandals.” Arrgh. Needless to say, I’ve been careful not to loan her any shoes that I Air Jordan 2010 care about.

FF to this past weekend. They came over to visit, and I guess MIL wanted to go out to the backyard but didn’t want to bother getting her shoes from the front foyer. She “borrowed” my favorite pair of ballet flats, but chose to wore them like slippers instead of putting her heels into the shoes like a normal person. Air Jordan 8s I put them on this morning and noticed that the heels were crushed as a result. She did not ask to borrow my shoes. I just found them like that and am ASSuming it was her, since my DH isn’t really into ballet flats and I can’t imagine Air Jordan CDP FIL did it.

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