20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 19s the Beatle and Steve Mcqueen are just a few examples

Desert boots are set to be the new autumn/winter fashion shoe for men replacing the summer trend of deck shoes. Men may be dubious about adopting this new style as previous associations of desert boots have been linked with unfashionable middle aged men. This has all changed, so have trust in us, if you recall the deck Air Jordan 19s shoe also had such connotations and then spiralled to the top of the style must haves this summer. So erase the unfashionable label and slap on a big on trend Air Jordan Fusion 5 sticker and be the first to rock this new look.

So what are they? The boot, originally created by Nathan Clark for Clarks Original was first inspired by officers in the Eighth Army who wore rough suede boots with crepe soles. Clark based the design of his desert boots upon the Dutch voortrekker boot worn by the South African section of the Eighth Army in the Western Desert.

From history to fashion, the desert boots first steps on the cat walk Jordan Winterized 6 Rings this fall was with top designers Lacoste. Showcasing the trend the Lacoste male models wore desert boots with rolled up chinos, which created an uber cool look for us all to imitate. If chinos aren your bag, then try teaming up these stylish boots with denim. However there is one thing that will have fashionista cringing in their designer clothes and that desert boots with a suit So please don try this at home folks.

Deserts boots have been worn by a number of iconic figures during its fifty years of production; Bob Dylan, the Beatle and Steve Mcqueen are just a few examples, and should help to reassure anyone that these boots really are cool.

To get the look Models Air Jordan 7s Direct suggest trying Clarks for the original desert boot design, Office are also great for a variety of Jordan Retro 3 sandy shades, or if you still a little unsure why not try Coggle take on the boot. Their design has the same brown suede of desert boots, but with the familiar trainer shape.

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