20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 19s

Carl Kingston posted on Saturday 8th September 2012 at 20:30I totally agree with James. The USP of any radio station is the broadcasters, play 5 in a row and your an ipod not a radio station. I worked with James for many years at Radio Aire and Air Jordan 19s had fun and laughed so much and the audience told us they did as well. I was the voice of Alice on Radio Aire for James and also on Atlantic 252 god knows how we dreamed the idea up but listeners loved it. OK we just did what we wanted and thought about it later!!!!!!!! Where are the new jocks of today? They are not coming because most stations have so much networked progammming these days. I have made a great living from radio but god I worked hard for it, more shows on more stations that anybody I know, more club gigs and appearances and voiceovers than I care to think about!!!!!!! What goes around comes around its true, and personality radio will be back it has to return for radio to survive in this digital generation. We have access to so much music these days its just unbelievable, but radio is a one to one medium an instant connection to your audience that no Air Jordan 12s other medium brings you. Make a comment on air and someone who knows you will mention it to you outside in the post office in the supermarket anywhere and thats when you know you made a connection. I always remember Ditchy coming to do breakfast at Radio Aire and he said to me do you know Carl everyday I take a taxi and when chatting with the different drivers as soon as I mention that I work at Radio Aire they ask me if I know James Whale and Carl Kingston!!!!! I was amazed that I was mentioned but I am aware that I made a connection with my audience with the evening show on Radio Aire it was CHR Top 40 Personality Radio I just played the hits and talked about normal stuff and everyday life and it worked for me. I kept my private life private and never mentioned I was married at the time on the air and had children, I made that choice. I was just a guy who talked about what most guys talk about women and going out!!!!!!! Those were such great days how lucky was I to of been around at that time and together with James we dominated the airwaves in our market!!!!!!! It could and will be done again I love music first and I love radio second. Times willchange and I would still love to find a station in the UK willing to let me do it all over again my way.The fact is, far too much of what on air now is abysmal rubbish that offers the listener nothing his iPod can give him. UK radio is shite; news, sport, weather, and then more bland samey pop music with a dj who has the musical mentality of a 10 year old at the microphone that all you can think of, Air Jordan 8s and that heard on virtually every UK station. Even ILR was the same formula on supposedly different stations, bland mainstream slop Air Jordan 18s for the under fifteens. Doesn anyone in the radio industry know there are other genres that people Air Jordan CDP enjoy apart from brain dead pop singles? I did album rock LBP [no singles from the album, less well known bands music, long tracks, whole album sides = less waffle], we got loads more response than several pop LBP put together, I think that says something don you?Lester Forbes posted on Saturday 8th September 2012 at 22:22I think you getting Personality confused with arrogance Bear. I also started the Soul Connection show on Radio Aire which ran for many years because of my love of Soul. I like all genres of music and music is my life, as I stated in my post I love music first and radio second. I was also fortunate to have been able to select all my own music for many years on Radio Aire and of course enjoyed that.Radio is a communication medium as well as being about music, and the way we as presenters perform is important to a great number of liseners otherwise they would just listen to their ipods!!!!!! The problem with radio in the UK and all over the World at the moment is that its controlled by suits and accountants. I want to work hard at it. I want to make a living, don care if I never make Etc, etc.However, thanks to the suits, the opportunities are just not there. No one can shove me in a 2am slot to give me a go, no matter how strong my demo is. Because, to quote a recent station manager (who was really great and helpful btw), can give someone with no reputation a go, when I have so many former top jocks on the list ahead of you who have no where to go. I think that some forget that the industry has completely changed from a revenue point of view. Were it not for networking, automation, and station merges, we have seen lots of stations close.

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