19 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Fusion 5 more exotic shirts

While general Air Jordan Fusion 5 fall color guidelines for suits and fashion live on avoid lighter colors and stick to dark grays, browns or blacks, for instance they certainly have relaxed. You Air Jordan 1s may find light summery suit colors in heavy fabrics. Some events also designate a “creative” aspect to the dress code, encouraging guests to wear bolder, more exotic shirts, ties and shoes. Even if it’s fall, take these opportunities to Air Jordan 20s experiment with deep, vibrant or light hues. Also observe if your chosen color goes well with your complexion. Whether it’s fall or the middle of summer, a well coordinated suit in a hue that goes with your skin tone looks best.

If you want to branch out with a fall colored suit, look for different hues of the foundation Air Jordan 15s colors. Browns come in a variety of shades, from lighter tans and tweeds to dark chocolate brown. You can also pair them with shirts and ties in rich fall colors with gold, blues, muted purples and even newport blue. Instead of navy, try a suit with just the slightest hint of teal in its blue. Also Air Jordan 19s consider what material the suit is made from. Wools and tweeds work well for the fall better than linen and lightweight suits.

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