24 Mar 2015

air jordan x 10 chicago retro 2012 The Difference between Different Nike Ai

The former Nike air cushion was formed in a resilient synthetic rubber layer which formed by pouring the air gas into a resilient air jordan x 10 chicago retro 2012 synthetic rubber under a high pressure. Air Sole was belong to the “modest’ kind, because air jordan 6 retro black varsity red white its modest performance in cushioning ability, stability performance and reaction speed performance. Until today, this air cushion is in a wide aOlernKienOP air jordan 7 dmp defining moments black charcoal team red 19th Century Shoe application range among the series sports.

Visible Air Sole: This kind of air cushion was made the Air Sole into a visible type, such as the heel portion of the AIR JORDAN 3 was used this visible air jordan v black new emerald grape ice black Air Sole. Being regarded as the transitional form between Air Sole and Max aOlernKienOP air jordan 13 infrared black infrared 23 black Sailors ask Yushchenko’s hel air jordan 11 bred black varsity red Air, Visible 180 Air Sole can perform a good aOlernKienOP air jordan 11 legend blue white black legend blue Upper Back Lines damping force and a perfect visible impact.

Air Max was aOlernKienOP air jordan 2 retro concord white concord black Pain in my foot when I walk launched in 1994, with an initial form of the U shaped, air jordan 11 legend blue white black legend blue and then developed into multi sealed chamber Air Max and air jordan 11 retro low infrared 23 the trachea shaped Tube Max Air. It possessed a multi interval which was in multiple pressures, with a 5PSI pressure in the low pressure zone and 25PSI pressure in the high pressure zone. Air Max cushioning ability was very strong, can provide appropriateness protection to your feet and your knees, but may cause the loss of machine power. Running shoes and basketball shoes were always adopted this kind of technology.

The only 4 8mm thickness air cushion Zoom Air was an air cushion by using a three dimensional fabric to keep its flat shape, and not it would turn to a ball shape, with the air pressure of 20PSI. The damping effect with an excellent sense of site sensitive rebound effect and excellent acceleration, Zoom Air was widely used in extensive outside basketball shoes (such as FLIGHT series, the AJ series), and speed of running shoes (such as Air zoom Miler). The external Zoom Air cushion was not perfect in its damping ability, its capacity was also increased.

Turnes aOlernKienOP air jordan 2 ii retro qf candy pack classic green black white Old’s Under A Air cushion was a hemisphere shape cushioning system which can provide a maximum force aOlernKienOP air jordan 11 legend blue white black legend blue How to Size Nike Running protection, stable and comfort foot feeling, the most eye catching place was that aOlernKienOP air jordan 2010 anniversary white grey silver Smith announces free its variable hemisphere shape shoe body can changing the air pressure according air jordan 1 retro white black red to its demand. TN Air contained the PBAX thermoplastic material which can provide a fast reflection, rubbing, and lightweight, flexible and suitable feet feeling for the appropriate thickness characteristics, its hemispheric body pressure was 20PSI and the cushion pressure was 5PSI.

The Total Air cushion can be seen as the enlarged version of the Max Air, with its forefoot grow to 1.5 cm. The most successful Total Air aOlernKienOP air jordan 7 vii retro white french blue Narrow Width Shoes Articles Cushion was the Total Air air jordan 3 true blue 2001 Foamposite Max Steel.

The mid sole mechanical cushioning system was composed by the special highly elastic foam materials (advanced PU materials) damping elastic column, and double TPU trays. SHOX used in the basketball and running shoes were with different roles. The SHOX cushion (people who are under 70kg are not obvious) provided air jordan 3 true blue 2011 excellent cushioning effect and stability, Nike Air Foamposite One which was widely use in all kinds of sports shoes. The simplified version of SHOX the IMPAX changed the columnar bottom into a horizontal punch technology to perform an excellent aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 14s Fun Wedding Ideas To Surprise Your Groom damping and stability performance.

Nike developed aOlernKienOP Air Jordan 20s 1 million baby slings recalled after infant deaths IPS system which an provide relatively independent and organic complexes cylindrical shock absorber for the research and development of Air Jordan XX shoes, under the help of 20 pieces Phylon material with different density, thickness, size and location.

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