24 Mar 2015

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Brace yourselves!Yeah, it’s a bold title. So what? I’m quite the softy when it comes to emotional moments, be they in movies, games or TV shows. The ol’ tear ducts are regularly tested put it that way. air jordan iv 4 retro isaiah doernbecher db charty There is a huge variety of touching moments and a huge scale of human connection to them. Different people react to different scenes for different reasons and to different extents.

I thought I’d put together a list of 10 moments that I emotionally responded to. There are no doubt many more but these are some of the recent ones that I can recall. I suppose these would count as spoilers, so you might wanna consider not reading them if you’re worried about that. Or at least be careful.

10. Cooped up with other desperate celebrities, their shallow attitudes towards fame begin to grate on him. Eventually it provokes him to deliver a righteous monologue, reminding him of the things he truly valued from the beginning.

Not only does the speech justifiably mock celebrity culture, it finally brings him to tears when he turns to the cameras to apologise to his only long air jordan 13 infrared black infrared 23 black term friend for his recent dismissive behaviour. air jordan spizike white red green That’s the part that gets me. Particularly because we get intermittent shots of his friend Maggie watching from her couch, equally tearful. It’s such a sweet reconciliation. You can watch it here.

Extras: The Complete SeriesGet the whole show right here.

9. The end of the game presents you with an ultimate decision to either sacrifice yourself for the greater good or ally with evil conduits and run amok. Choosing the evil option means betraying and killing Cole’s best friend, Zeke.

Now, the way the game makes you do this is rather impactful. It takes a cinematic approach but prompts you to pull the trigger. Take a look. You see what I mean? When you’re in air jordan 20 stealth black red the moment, having played through two whole games with Zeke as a friend, slowly electrocuting him isn’t exactly desirable. A powerful moment.

Infamous 2 Playstation 3Great game and totally worth it.

8. I know, I know; Naruto is one of the popular ones that has probably over stayed its welcome. But it has its moments, so screw you. The scene in question is a flashback to Naruto’s birth. It finally shows us exactly what happened to his parents and how they dealt with Tobi’s attack on their family and village.

The specific point that chokes me up every time occurs when the half restrained Nine Tails lunges for baby Naruto. Both Minato and Kushina swiftly take the blow, stopping it just short of him. Now impaled on the beast’s claw and running out of time, they agree to say their goodbyes. Kushina makes sure to pass on some motherly wisdom bathe every day, get lots of sleep, study hard, etc. I well up just thinking about it. You probably need to know the series to fully appreciate this moment, but you can watch the scene here. Skip to 16:25.

Naruto Shippuden: Set OneThis is the start of Shippuden. You can find the rest on Amazon too.

7. These towering humanoids appeared out of nowhere 100 years prior and began eating people for no apparent reason, wiping out a majority of the human race. It’s quite a brutal anime that doesn’t shy away from tragedy.

Our young protagonist, Eren Jaeger, is out with his friend Mikasa when a Titan attack befalls their district. As chaos spreads, the two air jordan 7 vii citrus black citrus varsity red of them worriedly sprint back to Eren’s home to find his mother partially trapped beneath the rubble. Unable to move, she orders soldier Hannes take the children and run. After some reluctance, he gives up and does as she says, leaving her to break down. Eren can only look back to see his distraught mother devoured by a Titan. So, yeah. It’s harrowing stuff and it really kicks you in the teeth. You can watch it here.

Attack on Titan 1The anime is still in its first season, I believe, so there are no DVD releases. However, you can buy the manga.

6. The portrayal spans almost a year, depicting one misfortune after another. Bad luck, failures and missed opportunities. Chris finally catches a break, however, when he completes an unpaid training program at a stockbroker and is called into the office.

The beauty of this scene, and in fact the entire movie, is its subtlety. Nothing is over acted and it doesn’t feel contrived. Focus on air jordan v black new emerald grape ice black Gardner’s reaction when he’s offered a full time position; it perfectly captures his internal happiness. You can see the sheer willpower he uses just to keep the meeting professional. Check it out.

The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006)Pick up this piece of inspiration right Jordan 10 Retro here.

5. I love Naughty Dog and they really outdid themselves here. Set in post apocalyptic America, The Last of Us follows Joel and his journey across the country to deliver 14 year old Ellie to people who believe she could be the answer to the infection. Their relationship gradually blossoms and it’s hugely moving, but the air jordan 3 iii retro black cat black dark charcoal black portion I wanna focus on is pre apocalypse.

At the start of the game, 20 years before meeting Ellie, we see that the world is healthy and that Joel has a sweet relationship with his daughter, Sarah. We’re put briefly into Sarah’s shoes until hell quickly breaks loose, where we switch to Joel. We protect Sarah through the carnage as best we can, then this happens. From the get go, an adorable relationship is ripped apart, and it’s gut wrenching. Holy I love this air jordan future dark concord dark concord white game.

The Last of UsBuy it. Seriously.

4. The organisation GHQ have locked areas down and are handling the general public. In response, resistance group Funeral Parlour have risen up to fight for liberation. At the center of the conflict is Shu, a teen schoolboy gifted with the ability to extract “Voids” from people.

A Void is the essence of a person’s heart, and it takes the physical form that best reflects them when extracted. They can be used for both defense and offense. There is a risk, however if somebody’s Void is destroyed, the owner dies. During a battle against the GHQ, Shu sustains heavy injury, as does his classmate and admirer, Hare. Hare manages to heal him just before her Void breaks. I find the most upsetting part is that she literally breaks and dissolves, leaving Shu stunned and hysterical. Not even a body to grieve over. Here’s the scene. It’s beautifully presented.

Guilty Crown: Complete Series, Part 1 (Blu ray/DVD Combo)Here’s part 1.

3. The part I wanna bring up is both funny and sad, and it requires very little backstory to explain. It features in the farewell episode for Michael, the incompetent but good hearted boss of the office.

In the episode, Michael wants to give everyone an individual goodbye. Some of them are more touching than others, but arguably the most touching is Jim’s. It’s another scene that masters subtlety, from Michael’s sincerity right down to Jim holding composure by clearing his throat. Watch it here.

The Office: Season 1Season 1. The show finished on season 9, I think. I’m sure you can get them on Amazon.

2. Another thing to note is that it’s a tribute to the actor who voiced Uncle Iroh, Mako Iwamatsu, because he died in 2006. Avatar is a world filled with war and Iroh had lost his son to one. In this episode, it’s his son’s birthday, so he pays respect by creating a small shrine and singing an emotional verse.

Throughout the entire show, Uncle Iroh is nothing but peaceful, friendly and wise. This scene just air jordan x 10 retro stealth 2012 further cements the admiration for him. Give it a watch. It’s especially moving when he begins to whimper as he closes the song. A short and simple scene.

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