24 Mar 2015

air jordan fusion 5 stealth cactus Landfill Provides Free Electricity

Most people would agree that fossil fuels simply need to go. They’re the cause of pollution, wars and climate change. Thankfully, scientists have been researching alternative energy solutions like wind and solar power for years. But wind and solar are still more expensive than oil and coal, and may not be the best solution for all places or uses. For example, some medical devices that are implanted in a human body could benefit from super tiny batteries that last decades.

So, scientists are continuing the quest for abundant, cheap and efficient energy by investigating lesser known sources, ones that may seem a little aOlernKienOP air jordan iii retro white cement 3s 2013 Where Can I Watch Free X Rated Mo unusual, even ridiculous, unrealistic, and in some cases, morbid.

“I think in order to solve the impending energy needs we might have to go a bit beyond,” said Bobby Sumpter, a senior research scientist of computational theoretical chemistry at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Here are 11 of the more unusual sources that go above and beyond the norm. Who knows. But some day, it could be a great way to fuel a vehicle.

“We should not dismiss ideas, we should let people pursue ideas of unusual things,” Diego del Castillo Negrete, a senior research scientist in the Fusion Energy Division at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory said.

Researchers and chemists at Virginia Tech are developing a way to convert sugar into hydrogen, which can be used in a fuel cell, providing air jordan fusion 5 stealth cactus a aOlernKienOP air jordan 10 x retro steels Spalding join shoe lineup in NBA 2K13 cheaper, cleaner, pollutant free and odorless drive. The scientists combine plant sugars, water and 13 powerful enzymes in a reactor, converting the concoction into hydrogen and trace amounts of carbon dioxide.

The hydrogen could be aOlernKienOP air jordan 19 white varsity red What turns them on pt captured and pumped through a fuel cell to produce energy. Their process delivers three times more hydrogen than traditional methods, which translates into cost savings.

Unfortunately, it might be another 10 years before consumers can actually dump sugar into their gas tanks. What seems more realistic in the short term is using the same technology to create long lasting sugar based batteries for laptops, cell phones and other electronics.

One hundred billion times more power than humanity currently needs is available right now, out in space. It comes through solar wind, a stream of energized, charged particles flowing outward from air jordan 6s carmine 2014 in stock buy now the sun. Brooks Harrop, a physicist at Washington State University in Pullman and Dirk Schulze Makuch of Washington State’s School of Earth and Environmental Science, think they can capture these particles with a satellite that orbits the sun the same distance Earth does.

Their so called Dyson Harrop satellite would have a long copper wire charged by onboard batteries in order to produce a magnetic field perfect for snagging the electrons in the solar wind. The energy from the electrons would be beamed from the satellite via a infrared laser to Earth, since the infrared spectrum would not be affected by the planet’s atmosphere.

This Dyson Harrop satellite holds a few technical problems that researchers are currently trying to fix. It has no protection from space debris, and some of the power could be lost as it’s beamed air jordan 6 vi retro oreo through Earth’s atmosphere. Plus, finding a way to aim the laser beam across millions of miles of space is no small task. But feces contains methane, a colorless, odorless gas that could be used in the same way as natural gas.

At least two solutions one in Cambridge, Mass., called Park Spark and one in San Francisco run by Norcal Waste aOlernKienOP air jordan iii retro white cement 3s 2013 Strasburg inning is focused on converting dog poo into methane.

In both solutions, dog walkers are provided biodegradable bags, which after they’re filled, are placed into a large container called a digester. Inside, microorganisms process the poo, giving off Air Jordan 7s methane as a byproduct. The methane can be used to power lights

In Pennsylvania, a dairy farm is looking to cow air jordan 6 vi retro cdp countdown package 6 17 manure for energy. Six hundred cows that produce 18,000 gallons of manure daily are helping the farm save $60,000 a year. The waste is used to produce electricity, bedding, fertilizer and heating fuel. And Hewlett Packard recently released air jordan 6 retro championship cigar a study explaining how a dairy farmer could make money by leasing land to Internet server companies, who could power computers with the methane.

Human waste is just as good. Engineers from Wessex Water estimate the waste from 70 homes can generate enough gas to air jordan 6 retro championship champagne make the car run for 10,000 miles.

And let’s not forget urine. At the Heriot Watt University’s School of Engineering and Physical Sciences in Edinburgh, scientists are looking for a way to make world’s first urine powered fuel cells. It could be a viable way for astronauts or military personnel, for instance, to produce power on the go. Urea is an accessible, non toxic, organic chemical compound rich in nitrogen. Casey

The next time you’re standing in a crowded subway in the middle of summer, don’t sweat it. The heat your body produces can warm an entire building, complete with offices, apartments and shops. At least that’s what is happening aOlernKienOP air jordan 3 retro sport blue in stock buy now when I played well they appl in Stockholm, Sweden and Paris, France. Jernhuset, a state owned property administration company, is putting together a plan to capture body heat air jordan 5 3lab5 5 elephant printcement grey gamma blue black from train commuters traveling through Stockholm’s Central air jordan 8 viii retro white orange blaze Station. The heat will warm water running through pipes, which will then be pumped through the building’s ventilation system.

Paris Habitat, owner of a low income housing project in Paris, will also use body heat to warm 17 apartments in a building, which is directly above a metro station near Pompidou Center. On a more morbid and less sweaty note, a crematorium in the United Kingdom is using gasses released from the cremation process to heat a crematorium. The energy in cremated bodies is already being captured when it has to pas aOlernKienOP air jordan 12 retro black grand purple aquamarine Fred Couples golf shoes a through filters to remove the mercury in the deceased’s fillings. Club Watt in Rotterdam, Netherlands is using floor vibrations from air jordan 12 xii rising sun people walking and dancing to power its light show. The vibrations are captured by “piezoelectric” materials that produce an electric change when put under stress. Army is also looking at piezoelectric technology for energy. They put the material in soldier’s boots in order to charge radios and other portable devices. Although this is an interesting renewable energy with great potential, it’s not cheap. aOlernKienOP air jordan 5 v retro 3 4 high men white metallic silver black 4 Styles of 1 Club Watt spent $257,000 on this first generation 270 square foot floor, more money than it can recoup. But the floor will be reprogrammed to improve output in the future. Your dance moves really can be electric.

California municipalities alone produce 700,000 metric tons of dried sludge annually, which has the potential to generate 10 million kilowatt hours of electricity per day. The University of Nevada, Reno, is drying sludge to make it burnable for a gasification process, which turns it into electricity. A team of aOlernKienOP air jordan 5 v retro white patent dark army del sol Online Prayer Chat Room researchers at the university built the processing machine as a way of producing low cost and energy efficient technology. The machine turns gooey sludge into powder by using relatively low temperatures in a fluidized bed of sand and salts to produce the biomass fuel.

Jellyfish that glow in the dark contain the raw ingredients for a new kind of fuel cell. Their glow is produced by green fluorescent protein, referred to as GFP. A team at The Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden placed a drop of GFP onto aluminum electrodes and then exposed that to ultraviolet light. The protein released electrons, which travel a circuit to produce electricity.

The same proteins have been used to make a biological fuel cell, which makes electricity without an external light source. Instead of an external light source, aOlernKienOP air jordan force 5 white orange blue Puffy Eye Minimizer a aOlernKienOP air jordan 6 vi retro infrared public partnerships mixture of chemicals such as magnesium and luciferase enzymes, which are found in fireflies, were used to produce electricity from the device.

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